Sunday, September 28, 2014

WEEKEND UPDATE: Lots Of Robberies, But Not Many Cops


2:17AM - Suspected arson fire in a garbage can, 900 block of Roscoe.

2:27AM - Suspected arson fire in a dumpster. 800 block of Buckingham.

3:12AM - Fight in the church parking lot, 835 Addison.

11:33AM - Shoplifting crew raids Verizon Wireless store at 3019 Clark, taking thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. Offenders, believed to have struck numerous stores in similar fashion, are tracked down via GPS.

3:08PM - Woman in the 900 block of Belmont crosses paths with the man who stole her bike last month. And he has the bike, too. Arrest made.

3:10PM - Return of the nun chuck guy! A store manager in the 2600 block of Halsted reports a man walking northbound, swinging nunchucks. Description: black, 30's, 5'4" tall, red du-rag, shirt emblazoned with a black dragon. No report.

7:45PM - District enters  Radio Assignment Pending (RAP) status for the first time this weekend. RAP status means all officers are assigned to calls and none remains to handle incoming calls for service.  During RAPs, 911 calls stack up and are assigned on a priority basis as officers become available.

8:21PM - Two robbery offenders put an unknown object to a woman's head and rob her in the 900 block of Barry.

10:46PM - Two callers report men with guns in an alley near Clark and Newport. Officers locate suspects and two are taken into custody. Details developing.

11:04PM - RAP status ends 3 hours, 19 minutes after it began.


12:28AM - Witness reports man being beaten up at Seminary and School. In fact, the man was being robbed.

3:00AM - Caller in the 1200 block of Waveland reports "people were just out front fighting." In fact, a person was being pepper-sprayed and robbed.

4:09AM - Anonymous 911 call reports "gang bangers" outside of Berlin nightclub, 954 Belmont, "trying to force people to buy drugs."

4:21AM - Officers witness a fight at Clark and Belmont. Ambulance summoned for someone who got knocked out.

4:37AM - Robbery victim flags down a passing patrol car at Newport and Sheffield.

4:47AM - Man at Grace and Southport says three guys snatched him into a silver SUV and robbed him of his phone and wallet. The district has no officers available to help the man.

4:56AM - District enters RAP status again. Stays there until 7AM.

5:03AM - Dispatcher struggles to find a unit to help the man at Grace and Southport. "The victim has been blowing up" the 911 call center for "fifteen minutes."

7:23PM - Guess what? We're in a RAP again. This one lasts until 10PM.


12:04AM - "120 people" causing a disturbance in an Uptown street after a house party is broken up in the 800 block of Windsor.

12:24AM - Woman contacts police near a Wrigleyville bar and says she was "forced to do acts." Ambulance refused. Officers take the victim to the station to "sort things out."

12:32AM - Several reports of 15 people fighting outside of the Belmont Red Line station, heading east. One participant reportedly has a Taser. She is said to be running toward Halsted. A sergeant arrives and can't seem to locate any disturbance.

12:49AM - Officers find the victim from that dust-up on Belmont. She has not been tazed (although the offender did have a Tazer). On the other hand, she and at least one companion were pepper-sprayed during the incident. Ambulance summoned.

1:54AM -  Thirteen people fighting at Clark and Newport. Reports also say the fight is at Clark and Roscoe. Resolved.

3:30AM - Man is unconscious after being beaten up at Clark and Newport.

3:53AM - Woman's purse is snatched by two men outside of the Merlo Library, 644 Belmont.

4:49AM - Ten men fighting outside of Clarke's diner, 900 block of Belmont.

5:14AM - Yep. We're in another RAP. This lasts "only" 70 minutes.
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  1. A friend of mine who lives by Treasure Island Lakeview said he heard gunshots early Sunday morning.

    1. There was a trail of blood again today going down Broadway across the street from Treasure island. I'm not saying someone got shot, but something happened.

    2. That blood came from a guy who had cut his finger...nothing more. I walked with him and his friend (both very cute) for a while. It was a nice drunken boystown vignette, actually. I took their picture together and we chatted about wound care.

  2. I live on Roscoe between Broadway and Halsted. Around 3am, 4-6 guys in bright yellow vests with Walsh Security seemed to beat 2 guys up pretty soundly and put them in cuffs / drag them back toward Halsted. Any idea what that may have been about?

    1. No, we don't have access to private security information. You may want to attend an upcoming CAPS meeting and direct your question to one of the men on the panel, Officer Thomas Walsh.

    2. All they ever do at CAPS meeting is spend half the allotted time citing tweaked and meaningless statistics. Then someone will ask a question and Tunney, Elias, et al, will deflect and him-haw around and - BAM! - all of a sudden it's 8pm, and the meeting is shut down. Why are there not 1000 people of Ward 44 attending these meetings every month???? Everyone should be there!

  3. Oct 4 is Rahm's Great Chicago Fire Fest Celebration!!

    That should be inspirational huh?

    1. From what I hear, Redmoon Theatre always puts on a great show. Wish I could attend and see the spectacle.