Monday, September 15, 2014

WEEKEND REPORT: Arsonist Returns; Robber Shoots At Woman; Thou$and$ $tolen From Lakefront Bike $hop

The chilly air did not do much to slow criminals in the area this weekend. Some highlights:

• Boystown arsonist returned early Saturday. No structure damage, but one car was singed. He remains on the loose.

• Lincoln Park woman chased after the man who robbed her near Clark and Diversey. He turns around and shoots a gun at her.

Multiple callers reported a carload of thugs beating, threatening, and flashing a gun in Boystown early Saturday.

• Thousands (and thousands and thousands) of dollars worth of bikes stolen from cycle shop on Recreation Drive.

• Man beaten and robbed in Boystown Sunday evening. Cops catch one suspect.

Other recent highlights and the weekend tick-tock:
Tuesday, September 9, 3:08AM - Man calls 911 to report that the woman who stole his iPad is walking in front of him at Belmont and Halsted. Cops catch up with the woman at Halsted and Roscoe. She’s arrested.


4:08AM - Battery in progress reported at Belmont and Sheffield. Thing escalate when a caller reports that two unknown men in a blue Honda “ran over my friend.” EMS responds. Case HX425153.

5:41AM - Attempted burglary at Sprint store, 2850 Broadway.

4:05PM - Once again, multiple callers report that a one-armed man is chasing people with a butcher knife near Belmont and Sheffield. Description matches suspect from a few weeks ago: Male, black, in his 50’s, baseball cap, “colorful” shirt.

4:37PM - Callers report that a guy with one arm is chasing people with a butcher knife at Belmont and Sheffield again. (Yes, again.)

6:47PM - Woman robbed at gunpoint near Clark Street Best Buy store. She chases the offender, who turns around and shoots at her.

11:00PM - Trash can reportedly on fire in the 800 block of Roscoe.


1:44AM - A series of fires are report in a Boystown alley between the 800 blocks of Roscoe and Buckingham

4:14AM - The first in a series of calls from witnesses and victims who say a carload of 5 men has just beaten or threatened them in Boystown.

5:39AM - A guy is in Illinois Masonic Medical Center after getting the crap beat out of him near Sheffield and Grace. CPD report HX426524


12:36AM - The district, reported operating with at least four of its 15 beat cars out of service, enters “Radio Assignments Pending” (RAP) status. That means no officers are available to handle 911 calls. Requests for service stack up until an officer becomes available. The “backlog” of assignments is not cleared until 6:14AM, nearly six hours later.

1:15AM - Battery in progress, 3500 block of Clark. One arrest. Case HX427564

1:24AM - Down near Clark and Diversey, a guy just got out of a blue Pontiac Vibe and punched a guy in the face. The Vibe fled westbound.

2:30AM - 12 people fighting across from Wrigley Field on Addison between Clark and Sheffield.

4:36AM - A tourist who is staying at the Magnificent Mile’s Millenium Knickerbocker Hotel calls for help from the BP station at Belmont and Racine. He says he got mugged after he climbed into what he thought was a taxi cab. Instead, he found himself getting taken for a ride, robbed, and pushed out of the car. He did not want a report.

4:49AM - Dispatchers say a man stole a bunch of booze from 1000 Liquors at Belmont and Sheffield. The man was standing outside the store at the time of the 911 call. a sergeant observes that, with the amount of time that has passed since the 911 call came in, the matter “is long done and over.” No report.

5:00AM - Police go to Illinois Masonic to meet with a man who was severely beaten by strangers as he walked on Eddy Street, down the block from Slugger’s in Wrigleyville. Aggravated battery case HX427714.

5:17AM - “Bunch of gangbangers” hanging out on an orange statue near the Belmont L station. Police stop one of the men. Turns out, he is a gangbanger. A 45-year-old Black Disciple, to be exact.

6:14AM - Good news. If you need police service, the district now has officers to provide timely responses to your calls.

6:18AM - Resident of the 1100 block of Patterson says a bunch of people who left the concert at Wrigley Field are gathered in his back yard. Oh, wait a minute, the dispatcher says, this call is six hours old, but it never got dispatched because we didn’t have cops available. Can an officer just go over and take a look? Thanks.

6:21AM - A waitress at the Boystown iHop says a customer just hit her in the head with a coffee pot. Case HX427745.

9:58AM - Owner of a lakefront bike shop says several thousand dollars worth of bikes have been taken in an overnight burglary.

12:41PM - Several callers report that a young, “maybe Ethiopian” man has a couple of issues at Halsted and Roscoe: (1) He keeps saying that he’s gonna go get his gun and shoot all the gay people around here and (2) he is soliciting ladies for sex. (Those may not be ladies, sir.) One arrest.

5:33PM - Strong arm robbery on Elaine Place in Boystown. One arrest. The other suspect, described as wearing a beige shirt, escapes.

8:13PM - Man calls 911 to report that a guy wearing a beige jacket just ran away after punching him in the face at the Addison L station.
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