Monday, September 15, 2014

VICIOUS CYCLE: Bike Shop Loses "$18,000 to $20,000" As Area Burglaries Continue

Lakeshore Bike (Yelp)
The burglars who’ve been feasting upon neighborhood residences and businesses hit the mother lode this weekend, reportedly taking $18,000 to $20,000 worth of bicycles and parts from a lakefront cycle shop.

Officers were called to Lakeshore Bikes, just north of the tennis courts at Addison and Lake Shore Drive, around 10 o’clock yesterday morning. There, the owner reported that a number of high-end bikes and parts had been taken by burglars who forced their way into his shop overnight. Case HX427879.

A CWB reader sent these photos of a man
he says used a tool to enter an apartment
building in the 3700 block of Clark in order
to steal packages. Yes, that white bag is
full of parcels, our reader says.
Also burglarized Sunday morning: three boats that were anchored in Montrose Harbor. No reports were immediately filed on those cases because the owners were not on-scene. Around 2:45 this morning, someone reported seeing three people “looking into boats” at Montrose, but no arrests were made.

Other notable break-in news:
• An officer responding to a loud alarm in the 3400 block of Janssen on Thursday evening found the screen cut out and window raised in a basement apartment. The victim was not on-scene, so no report was immediately filed.

• Friday morning, front glass was broken out of the Sprint store at 2850 Broadway in an attempted burglary.
Management did not immediately notice any missing inventory.

• Sunday morning, a restaurant in the 3800 block of Broadway reported that burglars forced their way in overnight. Case HX427793.

Additional burglaries reported in the area during the first week of September according to city data:

  • September 1, forcible entry in the 1000 block of Dakin. Case HX411504.
  • September 7, unlawful entry in the 3800 block of Lakewood. Case HX418976.
  • August 29, forcible entry in the 3200 block of Lakewood. Case HX408668.
  • September 3, forcible entry in the 3800 block of Clark. Case HX414935.
  • September 4, forcible entry in the 600 block of Cornelia. Case HX421658.

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  1. would anyone like to buy my one bedroom condo by cornelia and broadway?

  2. is it sad that the only surprising part of this article is that fact that it's "mother lode" and not "motherload"? unfortunately package thefts and break-ins are no longer a shock to me. how depressing.

    1. Stealing mail is still a felony, but the law is just never enforced. Very little consequence to stealing packages left out in the open in apartment buildings. Low risk, possibly decent reward.

      Get your packages delivered to work. It's a lesson I had to learn the hard way.

  3. The owners of the bike business should drive out west on Augusta, Division, or Chicago -- lots of open-air sales of brand-new looking bikes and power tools all the time . . . and bargain prices, too! Prices so low you'll think YOU'RE the one stealing them!

    1. Most (reasonably intelligent) bike thieves actually take the bikes to other cities to sell. Check Craigslist in Detroit, St. Louis, etc for a better chance of uncovering locally-stolen goods.

  4. Holy Crap Batman !
    It's like there are no police working here, anything goes.
    Robberies, burglaries, batteries.
    Is this the Dark Night here in Wrigleyville? The criminal gangs run the streets ??