Wednesday, September 03, 2014

UPDATE: Gang Tags Wiped From Lakefront, Others Remain; Nettelhorst Artwork Zaps 3-Pointed Crown

Gang tags at 3700 N. Recreation Drive have finally been covered.
Two weeks ago, we called out the city's Department of Streets and Sanitation for marking our service request to remove gang graffiti along the lakefront seawall as "complete" when, in fact, they had done nothing.

Today we can report that the job has been done. While a few marks remain, the bulk of the tags have been covered with thick layers of tan paint.

Another Incomplete "Completion"

This Latin King tag near the golf course clock tower
was removed on August 4, according to the city.
Meanwhile, a few hundred yards away, there's another gang tag reported by a citizen on July 31 and closed out by Streets and San on August 4. Once again, though, the department marked the job "complete" when they did absolutely nothing.

This brown box around 3800 N. Recreation Drive—behind the northeast baseball field's home plate, directly next to the Clock Tower Cafe—has been boldly marked by Latin Kings. As of Tuesday afternoon, the tags were still there.

Wise Decision

Students returned to Nettelhorst Elementary School at Broadway and
New artwork near a Nettelhorst School
playground was modified, eliminating
a 3-pointed crown. 
(Top image: DNAInfo)
Aldine yesterday and we are pleased to see that new, professionally-painted graffiti artwork the school's rear wall has been revised.

DNAInfo Chicago reported on the new artwork, which livens up the walls around a small playground on the school's northwest corner, a few weeks ago. At the time, the project's centerpiece, a graffiti artist's "larger-than-life bear who dons boxing gloves" had "a petite crown," DNAInfo reported.

The bear character sports the cute crown in all of the artist's work and certainly has no secret meaning.

In gang-filled Chicago, though, the Latin Kings' hand signs form 3-pointed crowns and 3-pointed crowns are sometimes seen in their tags. All things considered, we're pleased to see the crown has been eliminated at Nettelhorst.
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  1. Meanwhile, Chicago_tags profile on twitter just keeps growing and growing showing more gang "art work" and addresses

  2. In a normally run business, the workers and supervisors falsely marking the work orders complete would be fired. But in a union shop, nothing will happen. Glad to see our tax money put to work to support these lazy clowns.

  3. Thanks for following up in these CWB!

  4. Thanks for following up in these CWB!

  5. Evidently there is "bad graffiti," like on the benches and "good graffiti," like that mess on Nettlehorst School.

    1. Yep, now you've got it.

    2. Everyone would benefit from learning how to identify gang tags vs. graffiti art or commissioned street art like the boxing bear piece shown here. Good to know when you live in a major city.

  6. Jackie KirschnerSep 3, 2014, 12:24:00 PM

    CWB, I really appreciate you following up on this. Thank you. It's upsetting to see our city government is lying to us. What's so disheartening is that you are not hearing about this issue in the media. And, we don't know if anyone is being held accountable.

    As a taxpayer, I feel robbed.

  7. I still don't understand why the clocktower and Recreation Drive is a gang hangout. Can't they just put a few lights up and have a cop drive through every hour? Is that really to much to ask for? Also, why would gang members want to even hang out there? I assume they do not live in the high rise condominiums along the drive. So they are all taking a bus to the closed up bathrooms and sitting all evening?