Tuesday, September 09, 2014

TWO-FACED: Alleged Battery Offender Shielded By Church Group, Cops Say

Time after time, churches and social service agencies have told CWB and community groups that they consider the Chicago Police to be "partners" in their missions. And time after time, CWB learns of incidents that fly directly counter to their claims.

Verbatim transcript of 19th district radio transmissions from Tuesday night:

UNIT 1922: Do me a favor. Will you send a car and, if you have (one), a supervisor to the church across the street from the station? We’re trying to effect an arrest on a battery offender.


UNIT 1915: I’m with [Unit 1922]. We got a crowd.


8:37PM: Sergeant arrives.

UNIT 1922: OK, for the record. Lakeview Lutheran Church, their LGBT pride group, refused to bring the offender out and [now] after discussion with the victim, the victim does not want a report.

Lakeview Lutheran Church is home of The Crib LGBT youth shelter.
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