Friday, September 05, 2014

TALE OF THE TAKE: Robbery Victim Tells His Story On Everyblock

Everyblock user lukedevitt is sharing his story of being beaten and robbed at the infamous corner of Belmont and Sheffield last month. His is a cautionary tale for those who find themselves on the streets late at night:
I got robbed and beaten by a group of a dozen men at 3:00 in the morning on Friday August 15th by what appeared to be a group of gang members. 
They stole my iphone and wallet the second I got out of the cab and then came out of the alley/gangway next to Lena's restaurant as I was walking home. 
They beat me to the ground kicked me in the head ribs and punched me until I was nearly unconscious. 
They hang out on the corner in front of Cheesie's on Belmont & Sheffield next to the L so they have easy access to rob/assault and flee the scene. I see them on my walk home all the time.
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