Thursday, September 04, 2014

SHIRTFACED: Woman Robbed By 3 "Young" Gunmen

Three male offenders, described only as “young” and about 5’6” tall, robbed a woman at gunpoint early this morning on Roscoe Street just west of Clark.

Police met the victim at Roscoe and Kenmore shortly before 1 o’clock. There, she told them that the three offenders, likely teenagers, pulled shirts over their faces and each of them produced guns that she believes may be BB guns or fakes.

Each robber wore a different color shirt. One was white, another black, the third gray.

After taking the woman’s black leather purse, all three muggers ran south through the alley between Kenmore and Seminary.

CPD case number is HX414700.
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  1. When something like this happens to me and I tell these idiots they can't have my purse/wallet/money, if they actually have a real gun, I want to be remembered on this blog as a tough effing broad who fought back. If they have some fake gun or other fake bullshit, please visit me AND them in the effing hospital.

    On a lighter note, WHEN will our illustrious Alderman actually admit that crime is not only a problem, but increasing DUE TO LACK OF POLICE PRESENCE? I suspect he'll do/say the bare minimum to attempt to retain his position in this (OH MY GOODNESS IS IT REALLY AN?) election year. I'll tell you what - my vote is going for a man who is willing to acknowledge the crime problem/reduction in police staffing in our Ward and speak up/out and try to DO something about it. I recommend you keep your eyes and ears open and learn more about alternate candidates to our current Alderman.

  2. Sarah G - right on - I like your posts - have you considered running? I'd be behind you in support!

  3. Personally, I think that Robin Cook is an excellent alternative option to consider for Alderman instead of our current Alderman. Check out for more information.