Saturday, September 27, 2014

SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES: Four Robberies Since Friday Evening

Four robberies were reported to police between 8 o’clock last night and 5 o’clock this morning. All of the reported incidents occurred along or slightly west of Clark Street. None of the offenders is in custody.

Police are known to have made contact with three victims:

• Two men placed an object to a woman’s head in the 900 block of Barry around 8:15 Friday evening and took her black Swift backpack and blue/black leather Lululemon bag. The victim did not see her offenders. She believes the object placed to her head was a gun, but she did not see that either. Recorded as an aggravated robbery in case HX444687.

• At 12:30 this morning, a witness reported two men beating up a victim near Seminary and School. A couple of minutes later, the victim called 911. Those two men were robbing him. The offenders took a silver phone with a black case and fled westbound on School, then south on Clifton. No description is available for the first offender, but the second robber is described as male, black, 6-feet tall and skinny, with a short afro, and wearing an orange hoodie. CPD case is HX444933.

• At 4:37 this morning, a strong arm robbery victim flagged down officers near Newport and Sheffield. The description of one offender was offered: Male, black, about 15-years-old, 6-feet tall, wearing a dark hoodie and blue jeans. CPD case is HX445103.

• A witness reported people "fighting" in the 1200 block of Waveland. Ten minutes later, a robbery victim calls 911 and reports being pepper-sprayed and robbed of their phone and wallet near Waveland and Racine. CPD case number HX445068 was eventually filed.

One robbery victim did not receive a timely police response and no report was filed:

• At 4:47AM, a man reported that three offenders “snatched” him into a vehicle, then took his wallet and phone before dumping him near Grace and Southport. The vehicle, described as a silver SUV, was last seen heading eastbound.

According to police dispatchers, the victim was “blowing up the phones” at Chicago’s 911 call center for at least 15 minutes, seeking help.

But, the 19th district was entering “Radio Assignments Pending” (RAP) status as the victim’s call for help came in and it is not known if police ever made contact. RAP status means all officers in the district are assigned to calls and no cops remain available to handle incoming emergency calls. During RAPs, calls for police service stack up and are handed out on a priority basis as officers come back into service.

The victim did file a report on the crime, which the police department has categorized as a theft, not a robbery, in case HX445118.
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  1. No report, no crime. Same old drill.

    It's basic, you would think. If you don't have enough cops to cover the calls- you don't have enough cops. What am I missing Rahm?

  2. Wait a minute. You mean to say that there were FIVE robberies reported in Wrigleyville between 8 pm and 5 am?
    Where's the CPD Crime Alert and major news outlets to report the danger?
    Why, there were FOUR robberies within one month near the Red Line at 35th St. and the CPD issued a Crime Alert, duly reported by the news outlets.
    Why isn't Lakeview accorded the same courtesy as the area of 35th providing warnings?
    Don't we count?
    Why isn't Ald. Tunney demanding a CPD Crime Alert?

    1. Because "alderperson" Tonnie Tunney is busy staring off into space. But I'm sure he'll direct someone on his staff to "look into it" first thing Monday morning.

    2. YES, ALDERMAN TUNNEY. WE WANT A CPD CRIME ALERT issued...or don't you care about your constituents?

      Are you going to post this onto your Facebook account and blast emails to your neighbors?
      If not, your actions speak louder than words.


  3. Because your neighborhood doesn't protest, riot, burn/loot businesses. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Rahm also knows that even though he lied to your face about the districts merging and police coverage in your neighborhood, you will still vote for him or not vote at all which still helps him.

    1. Voice your displeasure at the voting booth. Don't stay home and let's send a big message to the politicians. Time for a wake up call.

    2. The issue with the Mayoral election goes back to a long-ago saying among can't beat someone with no one. And if Rahm is opposed by only Fioretti, who has some issues tied to his legal practice and hasn't seemed to do much in his time on Council, he will win by a landslide margin. If Karen Lewis runs as well, she has the ability to get the race to a run-off as she will run well in the African-American wards that went huge for Rahm in '11, but then when it gets to the run-off, will people in places like District 019 vote for the devil they know or they Union President they don't?

  4. I have no idea why no report was filed of the last robbery, I was the victim in that one and have a copy of the report right here...

    1. Thank you for saying so, anonymous. Would you mind sharing the "RD number?" That's also called the case number. It will start with the letters HX followed by a six-digit number.

      You are welcome to post it here or email us at should you care to.

    2. The RD number is: HX445118

    3. Thank you. The police have categorized it as a theft.