Saturday, September 06, 2014

PATTERN: More Women Robbed By Young Gunmen In Lakeview, Uptown

Locations of possibly-related
"young" gunmen robberies since Thursday.
There are strong indications today that a crew of young robbery offenders is targeting women in late-night robberies on the fringes of Wrigleyville and Boystown. The Chicago Police Department has not officially connected the cases.

In addition (and unrelated) to the “Young Guns” cases, a man was beaten and robbed by 8 to 10 offenders under the Belmont L tracks early Saturday morning.

Gunmen Target Women

CWB first reported on“Young Guns” robberies Thursday after a woman and her friend were held up by three “young” men of unknown race in the 1000 block of Roscoe around 12:55AM. The incident was unusual in that all three offenders were said to have produced handguns during the robbery. Since then, at least three more robberies have been reported in which multiple offenders, specifically described as young, pulled handguns on female victims.

Southport/Roscoe-area hold-up: At 12:49AM Friday, a woman and another person walking together near Southport and Roscoe were robbed by two male Asians or Hispanics who both produced semi-automatic handguns. The offenders took at least one purse and fled westbound toward Ashland. The black and tan purse contained $70, an iPhone4, and a Kindle reader. Case HX415928.

1) Male, Hispanic or Asian, gray or white t-shirt, jeans
2) Male, Hispanic or Asian, dark colored t-shirt, jeans
Grace Street robbery: Around 1:25 this morning, a woman was approached in the 1000 block of Grace by two young males who produced at least one handgun and took her iPhone and wallet. They were last seen heading westbound on Grace and may have gotten into a dark-colored sedan occupied by two other male Hispanics in the 1100 block of Grace. Case HX417394.

Descriptions of the two offenders who approached the woman:
1) Male, white, late teens, no further description
2) Male, Hispanic, 18-19 years old, 5’6” tall, medium build, thin mustache, gray hoodie
Uptown robbery: Twenty minutes after the Grace Street robbery, a woman and her sister were robbed at gunpoint by two young men or teens, both of whom produced handguns, in the 1400 block of Sunnyside—just north of Graceland Cemetery. Case HX417418

Offender descriptions:
1) Male, Hispanic, 15 to 21 years old, white hoodie
2) Male, Hispanic, 15 to 21 years old, gray hoodie, blue pants
“Kids” with gun on Belmont: Notably, a convenience store employee called police to the 1000 block of Belmont around 11:20 Friday night after five “skinny kids” caused a disturbance and a gun was seen in one of their waistbands.

According to the clerk, a young, skinny white male wearing a Bulls jersey had a gun in his pants. He was accompanied by three to four young Hispanic men or teens, one of whom had a bunch of tattoos and wore a sleeveless red t-shirt.

Man Beaten, Robbed By Mob

Passers-by called 911 at 4:50 this morning to report an intoxicated man being beaten up and robbed by a group of men under the Belmont Red Line tracks. Arriving officers found the victim lying in the street at Belmont and Sheffield. He had been beaten by “8 to 10” black men who jumped him and took his white iPhone. CPD strong arm robbery case HX417481.

Yesterday, CWB shared the story of an Everyblock user who claims that he was beaten and robbed by perhaps a dozen offenders at Belmont and Sheffield last month.
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  1. so um... is carrying pepper spray/mace effective? if so, where can I buy?

  2. You may want to consider bear spray. Or...... Defense Technology First Defense 1.3 mc (google this) is what some police depts. issue. Another strong one would be Fox 5.3 Either causes burning searing pain, intense coughing and creates a pause in the action for you to escape. Bad guy gets his eyes and airways swollen shut and wont be whole again until the following day. I tested mine by shooting it against a plywood wall and it hit with such velocity that fumes from the splatter rose up in the air ! The larger cannisters, mk3 and mk 4 hit with good velocity and literally splatters the solution into skin pores, eyes and nose, creating the desired effect. A mk2 would be the smallest one that would be effective, do not buy cheap watered down keychain units sold in gas stations and such.

  3. There is a product called "Aerko freeze plus P" that is a combination of pepper spray and tear gas (mace). This stuff is reported to be highly effective and is the spray of choice for Police in Alabama and other southern states.

  4. Question: Do these sprays work when it's freezing outside?? Thanks for any info you can provide. : )

  5. Thanks for the responses to my question. But where can I buy these?

    1. Police reports, with sensitive information redacted, are available at no charge from the Chicago Police Department by filing a FOIA request.

      Police reports for cases in which arrests have been made are available in the Cook County Court Clerk's offices.

    2. Clarification - reports for which there have been arrests AND charges filed are available in the CCCC offices.

  6. Google and you will find the sprays. If you get Defense Technology First Defense, get 1.3mc. That's the highest of 4 levels of intensity. Fox 5.3 would be good too.. Don't let it freeze, keep it inside coat pocket. Ladys keep it on your person, NOT in the purse in case its taken.