Friday, September 26, 2014

PARTY POOPERS: Cops Track Down Video-Taped Burglar

A 26-year-old Elgin man is in custody today, accused of being the guy who defecated in a bucket and then tried to kick in the back door of a Lake View home as a surveillance camera rolled early Saturday morning.

CWB posted the video after receiving it from the homeowner who was dissatisfied with the way Chicago police handled the matter initially.

(Cook Co. Sheriff's Office)
Andrew Lopez of the 12400 block of N. Jackson Drive was taken into custody at the Elgin police station Thursday night. He stands accused of the incident seen on the homeowner's video, as well as damage to a neighboring homeowner's property, and a successful Lake View burglary that took place in July. Bail is set at $75,000.

No police report was taken at the time of Saturday's attempted break in nor was a report taken later in the day when a neighbor reported that her garage had been broken into.

CWB posted the homeowner's video at 2:24 Sunday morning and detectives came knocking on the victims' doors midday on Monday. According to the homeowner who contacted CWB, a 19th district officer told detectives that he recognized the man in the video as a subject he took into custody for drug possession in the 900 block of Belmont shortly after the attempted break-in was recorded.

Court records show Lopez was charged with drug possession last weekend.

In addition to attempted burglary charges for the videotaped incident, Lopez is charged with criminal damage to property for allegedly tearing up a nearby resident's back yard. According to court filings, that incident was caught on video as well.

Lopez is also now charged with a second burglary after that victim identified him in a photo line-up as the man who took a Sony camera, iPhone, laptop, wallet, and backpack from a home in the 2900 block of Lakewood on July 12.

The homeowner who originally contacted CWB with the break-in video is pleased:
After a few days of hard police work I am happy to say that the offender in my Attempt Residential Burglary is in custody and charged.  
I apologize if my posting of the video offended hard working officers in the 19th district, but it did happen to help another victim.  
[The Lakewood] victim saw my video online and was able to identify him as his burglar.  
I also appreciate the CWB for the quick response to my e-mail and help in bringing attention to my crime.  Lets now see if our court system does its job.
CWB is always open to assisting in bona fide cases such as this. We also strongly encourage victims who are dissatisfied with police response to call 911 and ask for a supervisor. Our district is particularly fortunate to have a commander who actively seeks direct contact from citizens who have any concerns whatsoever. He may be reached at
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  1. I had a feeling this would come to a speedy resolution. Good on the homeowners with the security cameras for sharing it and raising a big enough stink to shame the cops into actually doing their jobs.

    1. "Shame the cops into actually doing their jobs?" We're working our tails off running from job to job and you're belittling us? Exhibit #1 as to why cops are leaving this district. Unappreciative, self-involved knuckleheads.

  2. AWESOME outcome! Thank you, CWB = ironic, schadenfreud-ish (unless I'm mischaracterizing the chronology =if so, sry= ignore this) that CPD apparently didn't/couldn't respond when 911 was called to report the crime, but arrived on the scene AFTER CWB was contacted and published the video and description, which SOMEbody obviously saw. And the schadenfreud-ish-ness? Crime is down, no problems with police force, blah blah blah, when the police force is clearly inadequate if residents in danger, dealing with crime face ANY reasonable waits for emergency police response and.. then there's the infamous RAPs = beyond inexcusable = can't stand.

    Thinking out loud...analogy: could McCarthy be to Rahm what the top generals are to Obama, whose expertise and guidance are mostly being shut down/ignored and McCarthy would do things differently if he could? Whoever's the mastermind, and I suspect RE, this madness has got to stop.

  3. Crime in boystown, video, and persistence of victim deserve all credit due. Thank you. Thankfully this menace to society who is a habitual criminal was recognized by a recent drug offense arrest . But according to rahm, superintendent mccarthy, cc president preckwinkle, and gov Quinn drugs should be legalized including heroin, cocaine, and such from their commitee meeting this week. According to them these are drug induced junkies and pot heads are knocking down doors to get jobs they are denied. Judging from the video the only door this drug loser burglar is kicking in is to steal and terrorize hard working people. Next time someone tells you drugs are all good and should be simply taxed invite them to walk down halsted street at 2 a.m on a weekend and watch all the thugs blasting their hip hop tailgating smoking blunts or smoking crack rocks on belmont. If this video isnt indicative of how drug usage frys a brain, keep voting for Rahm and all the criminal supportive politicians jumping on the "legalize everything" bandwagon.

  4. The victim owes nobody an apology. If anything, the 19th district should be apologizing the victim for blowing them off.

    Morons like Quinn need drugs legalized to keep the majority of people high and stupid enough to keep voting for them. Wake up people, these clowns along with the thugs have destroyed our community.

    1. People in Chicago are so afraid of not having gay rights they will vote for Quinn. People are pretty low information voters here. Not to mention Rauner has a lot of glbt employees and friends but you can't tell the thugs over at Equality IL that. That basically is a thug organization too. As gay man I can see thought it all. Equality IL is controlled by Sidetrack owners that never step up about crime in Boystown. Guess their is no money in taking on crime to line their pockets.

  5. Elgin? I guess the whole state knows about the cop shortage in 19. Fuck this shit.

  6. So thankful for everyone who worked so hard to solve this crime: the victim, this blog, police officers in the 19th district and police detectives in Elgin. Well done!

  7. Excellent job CWB! So cool to see your site playing an active role in getting a crime solved!

  8. Hopefully they leave his bucket creation in his jail cell as punishment.

  9. Excellent outcome by all involved. Well done. Now this moron gets to have that video of him taking a dump (and not wiping his ass) follow him around for the Rest. Of. His. Life.