Monday, September 29, 2014

LIGHTER SIDE: Hannah S. Cousins Can Park Anywhere She Pleases (And Other 19th District Allegations)

Party Frog. Image:
Hannah S. Cousins of Lombard is a 19-year-old vixen who believes she can park anywhere she pleases, if 19th district police officers are to be believed. Her story leads our weekly review of less-serious police matters from the 'hood.

Police say they were called to the 7-Eleven store at Halsted and Roscoe on September 18th after someone reported a suspicious, unoccupied truck had been parked on the lot without permission for several hours. Uh, you know what? Maybe we'll just let the dry wording of the police report take over from here:
While reporting officer conducted surveillance, [Hannah Cousins] approached to enter said vehicle. Subject was stopped and field interviewed. Subject stated she drove the truck to the location to do shopping at area stores and stated she could park anywhere she pleased.
During field interview, reporting officer observed a glass pipe utilized for the ingestion of cannabis, decorated with a green glass frog symbol, known as "drug paraphernalia"...sitting on the driver seat.
Subject stated, "Can I just receive a ticket for possession of it?"
Subject transported to [19th district] for processing.
Cousins, whose request to be merely ticketed was declined, is free on an I-bond.

Elsewhere last week:

Tuesday, 5:40PM — Officer to dispatcher: "Have a unit go to [address] and tell the management company to check out apartment 604. Our arrestee forgot to turn off his stove before getting arrested."

Wednesday, 9:09PM — Officers respond to two 911 calls of a "van with blood dripping out of it" in Uptown. Eleven minutes later, this from an officer on-scene: "Cancel the crime lab. It's transmission fluid."

Wednesday, 11:05PM - Scarlet Bar, 3320 N. Halsted calls police. "A man is trying to enter the bar [but he is] foaming from the mouth" and they don't want him there.

Wednesday, 11:54PM - Old Crow Smokehouse calls police. "There's a man completely naked, doing drugs in the bathroom." Then, an update: "The man doing drugs in the bathroom completely naked is now northbound on Clark." The man apparently managed to elude police.
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  1. Hannah needs to be prosecuted for being stupid. And self-entitled.

  2. Well, if this is the same woman, she is pretty hot:,0,

    Assuming the arresting cop was male, she might have been able to get off with a warning or ticket if she hadn't been such a bitch.

    1. Hmpf. If that's really her, the one who said she could park where she pleases, I can see that entitled look on her facial expression. I hope a judge throws the book at her.

  3. Just want to know was her truck impounded per arrest procedures or did Lincoln towing get to it first?

    1. Hopefully Lincoln Towing. That would probably cost her more.

  4. A member of Generation Mememememe heard from.