Friday, September 26, 2014

FIRE BUG: More (Yes, More) Fires In Neighborhood Alley Overnight; Dumpster, Trash Bin Lit Near Occupied Homes

Left: Remnants of this morning's fire at 917 Roscoe.
Right: The near dumpster, under the balcony of an occupied home
was set on fire this morning at 863 Buckingham.
Below: Map of recent suspicious fires.
This morning's incidents are in red
Two more suspicious fires broke out in an alley east of Clark street overnight, likely the work of an arsonist who is currently being hunted by Chicago police.

The fires, reported within 10 minutes of each other, were a block apart.

Unsettlingly, both of this morning’s fires appear to have been set next to or under occupied structures.

The first fire call came at 2:17AM after a dumpster was lit behind 863 Buckingham. That fire appears to have been set under the balcony of a second-floor residence.

Ten minutes later, another fire was reported one block north in the same alley. That fire was sparked in a residential garbage can next to condo buildings at 917 Roscoe, behind Houndstooth Saloon.

Arson investigators have already been to the scenes.

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