Monday, September 01, 2014

DUMB & DUMBER: Guns, Badges, Body Armor, Bullets Stolen From Cars On North Side

The victims (visual approximation).
These people really should know better.

Twice last week, officers went on the hunt for firearms and other sensitive items that had been stolen from (or with) vehicles on Chicago’s North Side.

Monday afternoon, a security guard’s Camaro was stolen on the far North Side. Within the Camaro: her body armor, handgun, and 3 extra magazines filled with 10 rounds each. Police immediately identified a suspect and they arrested him at a 7-Eleven in Uptown Tuesday.

Then, on Friday, an off-duty cop from Green Bay, Wisconsin, reported that his handgun, badge, and other items were stolen from a car on the North Side. At last report, those items were still at large.
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