Thursday, September 18, 2014

BUSTED: Cops Hunt Down Ski-Masked Gunman After Another Heist Near Clark/Diversey

Image: Visit Clark Street
Yet another woman has been robbed at gunpoint by a ski-masked offender on the north end of Lincoln Park, near Clark and Diversey.

Unlike Friday evening’s incident, in which an armed offender shot at a female victim, this morning’s robber was tracked down and arrested.

19th district officers followed the victim’s cell phone pings and quickly caught up with the offender on a CTA bus at Fullerton and Ashland. They boarded the bus and took him into custody at 6:50AM.

A firearm was also recovered.

This morning’s victim was threatened with a short, blue revolver on the street near Clark and Wrightwood at 6:15 this morning by a man whose description closely resembles the description of Friday’s robber: black, 5’10” tall, wearing a ski mask, black hoodie, dark pants.

This morning’s robber even dumped the victim’s property in the same place that a citizen found property belonging to Friday’s victim: In a garbage room at the Covent Hotel at Clark and Drummond.

CPD case HX432806.
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  1. Great work by the police. Glad he is off the streets for now. Tracking devices in phones have to be a great tool for the police these days.

    If this is the same person who shot at a female victim, I hope he is charged with attempted murder. As great as it is to arrest him, it seems like the justice system likes letting people like this off with slaps on the wrist. This is a dangerous person who needs to be off the streets for a long time.

  2. Clark St at 6:15 am on a weekday? So brazen.

    1. 5-6:00 a.m. is a common time for robberies like this to occur. Addicts are usually "coming down" around that time and need cash/loot to get high again or buy liquor to dull the effects of the come down.

  3. No email blast from Alderman Smith after two more stickups in North Lincoln Park. Apparently Michele is taking the Tunney approach that if you pretend it isn't happening, then it just isn't happening. I guess after her photo op roll call event, she has moved on and her email blasts now show us wonderful pictures of filled potholes (from last winter of course) and dates and times of art fairs.

  4. What's the over - under on how many minutes/hours it will be after 8a tomorrow that the first iPhone 6 will be stolen from someone in our neighborhood?

  5. Well, it's less likely once potential thieves realize this: