Thursday, September 18, 2014

BUSTED: Cops Hunt Down Ski-Masked Gunman After Another Heist Near Clark/Diversey

Image: Visit Clark Street
Yet another woman has been robbed at gunpoint by a ski-masked offender on the north end of Lincoln Park, near Clark and Diversey.

Unlike Friday evening’s incident, in which an armed offender shot at a female victim, this morning’s robber was tracked down and arrested.

19th district officers followed the victim’s cell phone pings and quickly caught up with the offender on a CTA bus at Fullerton and Ashland. They boarded the bus and took him into custody at 6:50AM.

A firearm was also recovered.

This morning’s victim was threatened with a short, blue revolver on the street near Clark and Wrightwood at 6:15 this morning by a man whose description closely resembles the description of Friday’s robber: black, 5’10” tall, wearing a ski mask, black hoodie, dark pants.

This morning’s robber even dumped the victim’s property in the same place that a citizen found property belonging to Friday’s victim: In a garbage room at the Covent Hotel at Clark and Drummond.

CPD case HX432806.
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