Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BURNED DOWN FOR WHAT?: "Suspected Arsonist" Gets New Charge; Cops Issue Lakeview Arson Alert

Daniel Grunauer, the 30-year-old former Wrigleyville bartender who has been called a "suspected arsonist" by a North Side alderman's office, may now officially be referred to as an accused attempted arsonist.

Attempted arson charges were filed against Grunauer Friday afternoon in connection with an incident early on the morning of August 26 in the 800 block of Ainslie, about a block from his Uptown apartment.

A police source told us that the August 26 incident was captured on video and Grunauer "gave an admission."  Bond on the attempted arson charge is set at $100,000, but that is currently superseded by no-bond status on another charge.

The police source went out of their way to mention that "the community has been fabulous" during the department's ongoing investigation.

Lakeview Arson "Pattern"

Map of suspicious fires reported since June 10. This map includes
incidents not listed in the police department's alert. NOTE: There
is some indication that the fire at Clark and Eddy (top left) was
due to vehicle malfunction, but we have not received that
information from an official source.
As if you hadn't noticed, there's been an arson pattern around Wrigleyville and Boystown lately. That fact was formalized by a Chicago Police Department alert on Monday.

Investigators are actively seeking residential and business surveillance footage that may have captured images of the arsonist in action or moving to and from fire sites.

The department's official list of related incidents, which does not include every suspected fire, follows. CWB's reporting on each incident is linked:

If you have video, images, or other information, contact the Arson Section at 312.746.7618 and refer to pattern P14-N-092C.

The police alert also recommends alerting neighbors to the pattern; calling 911 to report suspicious persons, vehicles or activity in alleys; securing trash receptacles and only placing receptacles in the alley on trash day; keeping your property perimeter well-lit; and securing vehicles.
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