Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BURNED DOWN FOR WHAT?: "Suspected Arsonist" Gets New Charge; Cops Issue Lakeview Arson Alert

Daniel Grunauer, the 30-year-old former Wrigleyville bartender who has been called a "suspected arsonist" by a North Side alderman's office, may now officially be referred to as an accused attempted arsonist.

Attempted arson charges were filed against Grunauer Friday afternoon in connection with an incident early on the morning of August 26 in the 800 block of Ainslie, about a block from his Uptown apartment.

A police source told us that the August 26 incident was captured on video and Grunauer "gave an admission."  Bond on the attempted arson charge is set at $100,000, but that is currently superseded by no-bond status on another charge.

The police source went out of their way to mention that "the community has been fabulous" during the department's ongoing investigation.

Lakeview Arson "Pattern"

Map of suspicious fires reported since June 10. This map includes
incidents not listed in the police department's alert. NOTE: There
is some indication that the fire at Clark and Eddy (top left) was
due to vehicle malfunction, but we have not received that
information from an official source.
As if you hadn't noticed, there's been an arson pattern around Wrigleyville and Boystown lately. That fact was formalized by a Chicago Police Department alert on Monday.

Investigators are actively seeking residential and business surveillance footage that may have captured images of the arsonist in action or moving to and from fire sites.

The department's official list of related incidents, which does not include every suspected fire, follows. CWB's reporting on each incident is linked:

If you have video, images, or other information, contact the Arson Section at 312.746.7618 and refer to pattern P14-N-092C.

The police alert also recommends alerting neighbors to the pattern; calling 911 to report suspicious persons, vehicles or activity in alleys; securing trash receptacles and only placing receptacles in the alley on trash day; keeping your property perimeter well-lit; and securing vehicles.
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  1. Several news stations (mainstream) were in the area reporting on the seasons. I went up to one of them to thank them for their coverage but that arsons are the least of our worries compared to the robberies and other violent crimes caused (or allowed to be caused) by a lack of police. The reporter gave me several names and contact info for "investigative" reporting. I'll contact them but don't hold your breath that anyone will report on it.

    1. GREAT that you did that .. thank you. Maybe one of them will be stirred to dig into the reality of ALL the escalating crime in the neighborhood.

      This firebug/bugs is really scary. NBC had quite an extended feature tonight on the fires with affected neighbor interviews = video not yet up on their site:

      Thanks always for your typical great reportage, CWB. Any substantial action yet from tinman Tunney forthcoming?

    2. I find it idiotic to say "arsons are the least of our worries". I do not deny robberies are a major problem but getting roasted while you are sleeping is a big f@@king worry.

    3. I agree.....i can somewhat avoid being mugged.....but now i have to worry about someone setting my building on fire while i sleep.....just another bonus of living smack dab in the middle of the crap fest....At least winter is coming and that usually clears out most of the thugs walking around at night

    4. Here's the NBC report

      Possible Serial Arsonist Targets Lake View Alleys
      Nine garages, cars torched since the summer


      Follow us: @nbcchicago on Twitter | nbcchicago on Facebook

    5. Between the arsons, which can have been going on for three months and thank goodness haven't injured anyone yet (and yes Fire is horrible and the worst was the one coach house being destroyed), and the last several years of the constant (daily and nightly) beatings, robberies, burglaries, drug dealing, prostitution, sexual assaults, etc., which have gone entirely unreported by mainstream media, those issues are comparatively worse. No amount of crime is good, but given how long our other crime has been a problem and given that there are far more people engaging in it, including gangs, there are far worse issues that should be reported on.

    6. Yesterday's Red Eye had a blurb about "police alerting residents of Kenwood" about a rash of armed robberies.

      Where is OUR police alert???

    7. I read that too and thought the same thing about the robbery warnings. Unreal.

    8. Alerts come from the detective division, not the districts.

  2. Mr. Mayor: do job No. 1= protecting your citizens. Stop spending money on frivolous, career building projects for your resume; staff up our police force appropriately == get these ANIMALS off our streets!


    Woman sexually assaulted in Lincoln Park: Police

    Police are warning residents about a sexual assault that occurred last weekend in Lincoln Park on the North Side.

    Between late night Saturday and early morning Sunday, a 24-year-old woman said she was walking in the 2500 block of North Lincoln when a man grabbed her by the hand and began fondling her, police said.

    The man dragged her into an alley and sexually assaulted her, police said. He then ran off.

    He is described as a 6-foot, 35 to 45 year old black man with a thin build and medium complexion, police said. He was wearing a dark long sleeve shirt and denim pants.

    Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Area North detectives at (312) 744-8200.


    Damn this city= rahm, mccarthy, all the aldermen who go along to get along. And this alert should've gone out Sunday, not 2 days later. They've taught the thugs that this area's police is in skeleton status, and they are free to prowl the streets, wreaking havoc and damaging lives. There's going to tragically be real blood on the hands of city/CPS officials and hell to pay if their craven recklessness doesn't stop.

  3. Now that Grunauer has been hit with a new arson-related charge and now faces another trial, will his associate, the arsonist-at-large being sought by police, strike again over the next few days?
    Be alert and watch the alleys.

  4. CBS 2, NBC 5, ABC 7 and FOX 32 all ran stories last night on the recent arson fires in Lakeview http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2014/09/30/police-warn-of-arson-fires-in-lakeview/#comments http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Possible-Serial-Arsonist-Targets-Lake-View-Alleys-277693941.html http://abc7chicago.com/news/police-investigate-fires-set-in-lakeview-alleys/330426/ http://www.myfoxchicago.com/story/26661691/arson-detectives-warn-of-fire-incidents-in-lake-view

  5. All crime is detrimental to the City and Neighborhoods.

  6. F.Y.I. If you light a garbage can on fire the value is way under the amount that can be up-graded to a felony, it doesn't matter what the intentions are. would be a felony if the actual house/garage caught on fire.

    1. The MSM has boxed these fires in as "garbage can fires." In fact, a garage, multiple vehicles, and (we believe) an entire coach house have been burned during this spree. This is not a "garbage can" issue.

  7. Tunney? Has done nothing, will likely do nothing. I've emailed his office 3X and called 2X and am still, four days later from the first call, awaiting a response. Oh, wait! I guess he's "looking into it."

    Folks, if we re-elect this clown, we deserve whatever we get!