Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BOYSTOWN: Pepper Spray Unleashed In Hydrate Nightclub; Other Incidents Nearby

Police and an ambulance were called to Hydrate nightclub on the Boystown strip Monday evening after an offender discharged pepper spray inside the bar. The 9:20PM incident occurred during off-peak hours for the traditionally late night venue.

Witnesses described the offender as a black man dressed as a woman, 5’9” tall, 150 pounds, with black hair reaching to the middle of his back. He wore a black hat, a white shirt with a black design on the front, tight black pants, and boots. He was last seen heading westbound on Cornelia from Halsted. Motive unknown. CPD case HX448774.

A couple of hours later, at 11:50PM, police and an ambulance crew helped a man who said he had been pepper sprayed by three offenders in the 3000 block of Seminary. The motive for that incident is not known.

And, as CWB reported in this past weekend’s wrap-up, another pepper spray incident took place shortly after midnight Sunday in the 900 block of Belmont.

None of the offenders is known to be in custody.

Wrigleyville Gun Discharge

A Wrigleyville man was arrested Sunday evening after neighbors reported seeing him shooting a gun into the air. Police arrested the man near his residence in the 3700 block of Clifton and recovered a weapon. He was described as white, in his 50’s, with gray hair.

Corn-Rowed FroYo Low Blow 

Two suspects were taken into custody after money was stolen from a tip jar at Boystown’s Forever Yogurt store Monday morning. Police responded to the area shortly after the store opened for business and quickly tracked down the two offenders in the 800 block of Newport. Suspect descriptions:
• male, 20’s, thin build, purple shirt, jeans, corn rows.
• man dressed as a woman, 20’s, thin, 6’2” tall, wearing a silver sequin top and black short shorts.
A positive identification was made and a report has been filed.

Best Wishes

A 19th district officer was injured when her patrol car flipped over in a traffic accident yesterday afternoon. The officer, who had been assigned to patrol the east side of the Wrigleyville and Boystown neighborhood yesterday, was injured at Montrose and Ashland as she responded to back up an officer at a “battery in progress” call around 1:15PM.
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