Friday, August 08, 2014

BALONEY: Claim Of Clark Street Shooting Dismissed; "He Was Shot, But He Wasn't Shot Here"

Mainstream news outlets report that a 32-year-old man with a gunshot wound to his thigh walked into Provident Hospital on the city's South Side this morning, claiming to have been shot in the 3100 block of Clark Street.

While the man's gunshot wound is legit, his story about being shot near Boystown is not, according to police sources.

911 received no reports of shots fired here overnight. 19th district officers scoured the area around 4AM today and found no crime scene. The victim was also "unable" to recall other details of the incident.

Antics such as these are not uncommon with shooting victims and their friends. Last November, a car rolled up to a couple of officers outside of Hydrate nightclub in Boystown with a shooting victim in the passenger's seat. The car's occupants claimed that the shooting took place near the Circle Interchange in the West Loop.
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  1. incidents like these examples are what sow the seeds of mistrust. I'm sure the police are just doing what the admin tells tells them to say, but that don't cut it. we are continually told lies and half truths at ever level of local government and that should be illegal! Honorable people in local goverment, including the police need to let the truth out of the bag if nothing else do it off the record!

  2. Hope it's not crazy tonight with Market days lot of down cars and one man cars. Same people again took off the weekend leaving not enough officers to handle the district and all these fests going on this weekend.
    We will all do our best to serve and protect with what we have. It's weird during the weeknights we have plenty of officers and it's not too bad.

  3. Always the same ones taking weekends off. Maybe this job isn't for them.
    We will try to get by with what we have.

  4. Thank you officer for being one of the good guys/gals and working!

  5. I'm pretty sure even at 4am, a gunshot at 3100 N Clark would have got someone's attention and someone would have dialed 911.

  6. Victim/Subject NOT cooperative, giving conflicting information...Geez, it seems like a self accidental inflicted shooting!