Thursday, August 28, 2014

SNOOKERED: Tourist Robbed In Lincoln Park

An international traveler who is staying at a Lincoln Park youth hostel received a traditional Chicago greeting this morning: He was beat up and robbed.

The UK citizen flagged down an officer near Clark and Fullerton at 6:40 this morning to report the crime, but he could not remember exactly where the robbery took place.

Offender descriptions:
1) Male, black, early 20's, large afro, 5'7" tall
2) Male, black, early 20's, Jheri curls, 5'8" tall, wearing a black hoodie
3) Female, black, 5'5" tall, wearing a red hoodie and jean shorts.
Apparently, those three did not get Lincoln Park Alderman Michele Smith's message about how her neighborhood would "not tolerate these outrageous crimes."

CPD case number is TBD.
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  1. These should be classified as hate crimes. It seems beating up is now compulsory. They probably heard the accent and pounced. This is not theft to fill an empty belly but violent, focused behavior.

  2. Any idea if anyone was mugged near Belmont/Sheffield last night? On my way to work this morning I saw a purse with scattered contents behind a metal gate on Sheffield just north of Belmont. My guess was that a woman got robbed and the robber took what was important to him/her and tossed the rest.

    1. Nothing that resulted in police dispatch. That doesn't mean that an incident wasn't reported over the phone (or not reported at all).

  3. Dont expect Michele Smith to do squat. Oh sure, bs grandstanding with her roll calls. But bottom line, she carries Rahm's water, and the Rahmster doesn't want to hire more cops.

    1. Absolutely. All Alderfools who voted for Rham's budget have voted for less police. I say was vote all of them out. We need a mayor and Aldermen who are tough on crime. Heck, we certainly don't need as many Aldermen as we have. Let's cut that number in half and hire more cops.