Sunday, August 17, 2014

SHIT SHOW: At Least The Mayor Is Safe

Understaffed? Yeah. Our police district is understaffed. Calls for help stacked up like cordwood overnight.

Two of the 19th district cops assigned to sit outside of the mayor’s house had a robbery victim walk up to say she had been robbed around 2 o'clock this morning. (Update: WLS now has a brief story.)

You know. It happens. I mean, if this darned blog would just stop reporting on these things, the perception of crime might go down.

Meanwhile, the district entered its third RAP (radio assignments pending) status of the past 24 hours. "RAPs" are sometimes hours-long periods when no cops are available to handle 911 calls.

As of 5:55 this morning, a dispatcher said, these calls for help were awaiting officers' availability:
“I got an EMS at Cornelia and Elaine. I got a robbery [that] just occurred, Belmont and Kenmore. Person down, Halsted and Schubert. Auto accident with injuries, 14XX Irving. Battery just occurred, 15XX Addison. Burglar alarm, 42XX Sheridan…and a battery report, Weiss Hospital.”
And that’s just the shit they couldn’t get to.  Thanks, Rahm.
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