Friday, August 29, 2014

ROUND-UP: CPD Transfer Opportunities Posted...And Other Items Of Interest

Naughty Sarah Naughton on police car video.
Sarah Naughton, who was an Assistant State’s Attorney when she was accused of causing a drunken disturbance, flashing her badge, and biting a Belmont Avenue lingerie store worker in 2012, is now facing professional disciplinary action.

Naughton was acquitted of the battery in a bench trial and managed to keep her job as a county prosecutor until Fox 32 obtained video from the 19th district police car that transported her after the arrest.

The video shows Naughton “wriggling out of her handcuffs, slamming her foot against the window and taking a swing at an officer,” Fox says.

Upon seeing that video, “State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez fired [Naughton] the same day” and the Illinois’ Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission has now filed a complaint accusing Naughton of “committing criminal acts that ‘…reflect adversely on the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness as a lawyer.'”

The IARDC's brief, yet profane, complaint against Naughton is online.

Chicago's Office of the Legislative Inspector General found last summer that 44th ward Alderman Tom Tunney "improperly called and attempted to tamper with a potential witness” in Naughton’s battery case. His conduct was referred to the City Council's Board of Ethics.

Five In,  But How Many Out?

Five CPD officers will be allowed to transfer to our district in the current round of opportunities. Unfortunately, there are a large number of opportunities to transfer into other “good” districts and that usually means that we will also be losing officers to those positions.

As of mid-July, the 19th district has gained 17 officers in 2014, but the district still has fewer officers than it did last summer and it has about 24% fewer cops than it did at the end of 2011.

Breaking Broken News

Talk about being asleep at the wheel.

CWB reported extensively on last weekend’s gunfire incidents, shooting, and mayhem in the streets of Uptown Saturday night and Sunday. But there wasn’t a peep about it in the mainstream media. It was almost as if it never happened.

They finally got around to covering the news...on Wednesday.


Even DNAInfo Chicago waited until Wednesday morning to run, “‘Complete Mayhem': Brawls, Gunshots Engulf Uptown Park Over the Weekend.”


Some odds and ends reported this week:

10:44AM - At the Walgreens on Broadway north of Addison, there is a group of “youths” creating a distraction while others try to shoplift. Officers arrive, restore the peace, and declare that the would-be perpetrators “got beat at their own game.”

10:35PM - A man reports being jumped from behind and battered by a group of people in the 3300 block of Kenmore. Description of one offender is made available: Male, black, 18 to 20 years old, wearing a gray sweater and green camouflage pants. The offenders are last seen running south toward Belmont.

11:04PM - Two guys with a “slim jim” trying to break in to cars along the 600 block of Cornelia. They are gone when officers arrive.

12:55AM - A police unit assigned to park outside of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home reports two men walking southbound in the 4200 block of Hermitage, checking car door handles. Other units search the area, but cannot find them.

1:46AM - Officers take two people into custody after residents report seeing them checking for unlocked car doors around Seminary and Wellington. Officers stop the two individuals nearby. One is taken in for curfew violation. The other for investigation of the vehicle tampering.

8:11PM - At a Radio Shack in the 1900 block of Lawrence, an employee says a man has been sitting in the store for two hours. He has “five pounds of duct tape on each of his feet.”

7:04PM - Multiple callers report a man with a screwdriver and/or a butcher knife chasing people along Belmont Avenue near Racine. He is described as a 50-year-old black man with a jacket over his head; no shirt; and khaki that are pants falling down. Police cannot find him when they arrive. The previous afternoon, a caller reported being threatened by a man with a butcher knife in the 900 block of Belmont. Notably, that offender had only one arm.
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  1. It's not official yet, but I know of 3 so far that are leaving.

  2. Sarah Naughton's behavior is an embarrassment to all in the legal profession.

    The ARDC should boot the bitch.


    Another Lawyer.

    1. In a perfect world that would happen, but daddy has quite a lot of pull if he was able to get her off the charges, he'll probably do the same here for his obnoxious little princess.

    2. "Respondent told the officer at least six times that she was an Assistant State's Attorney. Respondent called the officer "a cunt, slut, bitch whore, and dyke" and slapped at her. Respondent got out of the handcuffs again and was kneeling on the floor of the vehicle attempting to vomit. "

      Classy. According to LinkedIn, she's still an Assistant State's Attorney at the Cook County State's Attorney Office.

  3. Why didn't the officers watching Rahm's house just make the arrest? Are they not allowed to get out of their car?

    1. What is the purpose of our mayor getting 2 officers when I can't even get one to respond to a 911 call for a break-in in progress?

    2. He has far more than 2. Literally 5% of our district's police force is dedicated to parking outside of his house 24-hours a day whether his home is occupied or not.

    3. They are not allowed to be the police. They cannot be distracted from watching Rahm's house.

  4. So if you bite someone out of malice, it is not considered battery??

  5. I know of at least a dozen that attempted to leave but how many will make the cut will be learned in two weeks.

  6. Looks like that great merge 19/23 is still working out wonderfully. Lets remember it at election time

  7. "1:46AM - Officers take two people into custody after residents report seeing them checking for unlocked car doors around Seminary and Wellington. Officers stop the two individuals nearby. One is taken in for curfew violation."

    So, there is such a thing as curfew? What time is curfew and for what aged person? Why don't they take more "youth" roaming and terrorizing the streets in for this?

    1. ...because a "youth" can be as OLD as 27 these days according to our outstanding neighbors from COH and BYC.

    2. Yes, youth according to BYC and COH is 27 (or older since they don't check ID's) but not according to police. So, why not, I still ask?