Monday, August 11, 2014

ROBBERS' DELIGHT: 3 Robberies Reported In Boystown Since Sunday Evening

At least three people have reported being robbed in Boystown since dinner time last night. For the weekend, five robberies were reported to 911, but two incidents late Saturday and early Sunday are not expected to result in police reports.

Among the reports from Sunday evening into early Monday:

7:30PM - A Boystown resident becomes the victim of a failed robbery inside his 5th floor apartment, just steps from Belmont and Halsted.

7:47PM - Purse stolen from a Boystown resident at Old Crow Smokehouse, 3506 N. Clark. Hours later, the prime suspect is spotted again. Police track the man down and make an arrest. CPD theft case HX382258

11:13PM - Officers make an arrest near the Shell station at Halsted and Addison for strong arm robbery. Case number HX382470.

11:15PM - Officers request an ambulance at 810 Belmont. One arrest for reckless conduct in case HX382456

11:48PM - A man calls 911 to report that he got pepper sprayed by a security guard at Belmont and Halsted.

12:23AM - Caller reports that a victim has just been robbed in the 900 block of Waveland. Officers make contact with the victim and get a description of the offender: male, black, facial hair, 25 years old, wearing a black and red flannel shirt. He was last seen going westbound toward Wrigley Field on Waveland. No report filed.
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  1. Love the security guard at 11:48pm! We need more of that.

  2. No entertainment cars around last night? All 3 of them went in on 1 arrest while the jobs kept coming out again taking beat cars to do there job. What a joke

    1. Because they know they can go home after the arrest.

  3. I know it's much busier there in wrigleyville and boystown but some of us live way west in the district and get no police service. We stay near Hamlin Park and whenever we call the police we never even see the police come to handle it anymore. It used to be pretty good here with police service, Not anymore.

    1. Thank Rahm & the great merger of 19/23. We have lost over a hundred officers in 2 yrs. It was all a sham to steal our resources.

    2. If you live west of Racine you get absolutely no
      Police service. All resources are allocated to uptown, boys town ,
      And wrigleyville. Good luck if you live on
      1911 or 1922's bt.

    3. Some if that has to do with the old 023 people who run things. They don't think anything happens west of Clark St.