Friday, August 15, 2014

PRIDE: Boystown Alderman Starts A Survey

Show me "cop out!"
Funny story. We sent Alderman Tom Tunney's office an email on Tuesday.
This weekend's news from the Bud Billiken Parade has us wondering about any conclusions or plans regarding the Pride Parade.
- The Alderman said that he has an annual post-parade meeting with organizers. Has that meeting happened this year? What are his take-aways?
- When will public discussions [which he said would be held] begin regarding the parade's operations for 2015?
We never heard back from them. Buuuuuut, we did just receive the alderman's weekly email newsletter:
Each year, City departments meet to recap what went well and what can be improved upon after each Pride Parade.  I have created a Pride Parade survey to hear from you as we continue to examine the pride parade route and evaluate all options for next year, which could include a move downtown. Please click here to take the survey.  It will be available until Friday, September 5 and we will follow up with feedback from the survey.   
Guess that's the response to our email.

We're of the opinion that answers to questions as important as "do you believe that the Pride Parade should be moved downtown [...] next year?" should come from public safety professionals, not from online polls. Nonetheless, the alderman is inviting your thoughts on that and other aspects of Pride Sunday. Survey HERE.

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