Sunday, August 31, 2014

PHOTOS: Arsonist Crawls Neighborhood Alleys Overnight

Fire sweeps through a Roscoe Street garage.
Several neighbors are dealing with clean-up, insurance claims, and emotional strain after an arsonist swept through neighborhood alleys overnight. No one was injured in the fires. A Boystown resident’s home surveillance system captured images of the arsonist in action.

Our early morning report is HERE and video af the arsonist in action is on our YouTube account HERE. Additional photos follow...

Above: Aftermath of the Roscoe Street fire.
Above/Below: Clean up begins on the Wellington Avenue coach house.

Above: A girl looks on as a man cleans debris from a neighbor's coach house fire.
ABOVE: Arson investigators say this wooden pallet was intentionally ignited and set the truck ablaze.
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  1. Is it true that this has still not been classified as an arson? Another article says it's listed as "non-criminal" as of this afternoon. I guess that's a way to keep the crime numbers down. Thankfully no one was hurt in these events.

  2. "non-criminal"

    Really?? Was this an act of God? A figment of our imagination? Socially acceptable behavior?? Hmmmm....