Monday, August 04, 2014

OH, DEERE: Fists Go Flying In Boystown Sunday Night

The city has confirmed yet another previously-unreported robbery on Helmont when it released data showing a strong arm robbery outside of 1000 Liquors, 1000 W Belmont, at 1:20AM July 25th.

Now, here is this weekend's tick-tock...

Friday, August 1, 12:20AM — Security at Montrose Harbor reports that a guy "just stole a John Deere tractor, drove it into a fence, and ran off."

Saturday, 1:24AM
Sergeant: Can you find out where [a Halsted Street "entertainment detail"] car is?
Answer: In the station on a break.
Sergeant: You're supposed to be on Halsted after 1AM.

Sergeant: Can you find out where [the other Halsted Street "entertainment detail"] car is?
Answer: In the station.
Sergeant: Yeah, I guess that’s where we’re supposed to be at this time.

4:20AM — Three men dressed in all black clothing beat up and rob a man as he walks to a friend's house in the 3000 block of Clifton. The offenders, of unknown race, were aged 20 to 25. Case HX370486.

6:54AM — An officer gets a surprise when he stops to issue ordinance violations to two gentlemen at Jonquil Park, 1020 W. Lill. One of the men gets a ticket. The other man is a convicted murderer wanted for violating the terms of his parole. He got a ticket and arrested.

Speaking of homicide, a reader pointed out to us that a 15-year-old boy who was arrested in Wisconsin on Friday for his alleged involvement in the shooting death of a photographer in Rogers Park lived across from the iHop at Halsted and Grace.

11:12AM — Whoa! After going MIA for the summer riot season, park district security is really on top of things this weekend. They just asked police to come to the Sydney Marovitz golf course to investigate "a suspicious large brick with a 7-inch piece of screen that's attached to a beer can with Velcro."

Sunday, 12:15AM — A Halsted Street "entertainment detail" street stop turns up a teenager who has a growing arrest record and one conviction for robbing a man in Boystown. The teenager, who has a common name, hinders identification efforts by giving officers an incorrect birthdate and claiming to have no middle initial.

2:07AM — Clark Street "entertainment detail" officers report a "big fight" outside of Rebel Bar. They ask for more cars. Eventually, five of the district's 15 beat cars are brought in to contain Clark Street.

2:51AM — Guess what? That teenage robbery convict who got stopped a couple of hours ago by the Halsted Street detail just got stopped again by the Clark Street detail. This time, he gives his correct date of birth, but he claims that he has a middle initial this time. His record still cannot be found. He's in the company of a convict and known gang member from Berwyn as well as two others. All are sent on their way.

3:43AM — All "entertainment detail" units are ordered to Belmont and Sheffield.

7:17PM — Only in Boystown: At Halsted and Addison, you've got three white guys fist fighting in bathing suits.

8:47PM — Patrol officers encounter a sizable fight at Halsted and Addison. Multiple units help restore the peace. One arrest for battery. A 21-year-old woman's bloody head is treated.

8:53PM — Officers are flagged down outside of Roscoe's Tavern, 3356 N. Halsted. There's a fight inside, they say. Two white guys fighting. They're wearing bathing suits.

10:59PM — One woman, five men fighting outside of Hydrate at Halsted and Cornelia. More police units are ordered. No arrests as the participants are "mutual combatants."

11:21PM — A 911 caller says a stranger just punched him in the face outside of 3232 Halsted, then left the scene. Almost immediately, officers find a suspect matching the caller's description near D.S. Tequila Company, 3352 Halsted. A positive ID is made. The suspect is arrested. Battery case HX373010 filed.

3:57AM — A canine officer reports 10 people fighting in the street at Clark and Belmont. Officers arrive to find the participants going in opposite directions.

4:10AM — A man "just got beat up bad" near the Belmont Red Line station. An ambulance arrives for the man, who an officer reports to be "down and unresponsive." One arrest. Battery case HX373166.
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  1. Multiple fights with dudes in bathing suits? I love Boystown.

    And surprise surprise, another person who was walking down an alley at 4am got assaulted while wearing their earphones etc. Wait it's not an alley but the Belmont El that happens to have attacks all the flippin' time?

    C'mon Tunney - it's a well known fact that the Belmont El stop is a hellhole and the walk east or west will probably result in you getting assaulted or robbed. Step up.

    1. Tunney, Tunney, he's our man.
      Spends his day sitting on his can.

    2. ....sitting on his can......and staring into space.


  2. Isn't giving a false name to police against the law? Why was the little thug let go???

    1. Guess the word hasn't gotten fully out there in this fair city .. in this case involving a "connected" witness/target, but still a rather blanket statement:

      _ _ _
      It’s not illegal to lie to the Chicago Police Department.

      That’s what former police Supt. Phil Cline and other top cops told the special prosecutor investigating David Koschman’s death in explaining why they didn’t charge Kevin McCarthy, a key witness, with obstructing justice for repeatedly lying to the police to keep his friend Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko, a nephew of then-Mayor Richard M. Daley, from being arrested in 2004 for punching Koschman.

      “Former Superintendent Cline noted that lying to police is so common that Kevin McCarthy’s actions did not rise to asking for charges,” special prosecutor Dan K. Webb wrote in his 162-page report, released this week, detailing how police and prosecutors bungled Koschman’s case.

  3. It seems to me Belmont/Sheffield has as much violence as some places on south and west sides. Difference is people don't die because a trauma center is blocks away. These crimes are getting very violent for seemingly little pay off.

    1. You'd think Tiny Dancer's top aide who lives on that corner would do something about it. Like talk to his boss...

    2. It's true because many are not really robberies, they're racially motivated hate crimes designed to intimidate.

      No one wants to acknowledge it but true nonetheless.

  4. The prostitution has been terrible at Sheffield/School. I'm not sure if it's been going on at that particular location for a while but it has been notably obvious lately more than ever in my experience. For the past two weeks we have had to call the police due to conflicts with the obvious hookers. My boyfriend has been calling them out to their faces. I'm glad he's doing it too. These people need to know they aren't welcome here and the residents are noticing. One of them told us first that she was simply standing on the corner. The other made a cheap shot smack toward my boyfriend. She/he mostly missed him but as soon as she/he heard me say I was calling the police, she booked it so fast up School toward Clark. Hmmmm, if you're just standing on the corner doing nothing wrong, why would one book it down the street? I'm just fed up.

    What's more, the police street block off is right there. Not that it applies to people but it would be nice if they could man it. We want to start putting lawn chairs across the street and tape their shenanigans all night. We already have a picture bank going.

    1. It's totally legal to just stand on a corner in Chicago all day/night. Seems odd to me to but nothing you can do about it here. I mean nothing can come from that situation but trouble sooner or later but.......

    2. If you go on paper as a witness, the police can arrest them from flagging down lone male occupants.
      019 hasn't done a prostitution mission in a long time. I think it's long overdue. Unfortunately the police cannot do much without assistance from the residents of the community.

    3. I know and it's so frustrating sometimes. I understand it's a slippery slope. That's basically why we have took to the streets and have been calling these hookers out. The goal is to make them as uncomfortable as possible. I wish more people would come around and call them out. A vast majority of the time, they are just punks that don't have a weapon and are a bunch of big wusses. As long as most of these suspected criminals aren't in groups they are virtually harmless a lot of the time.

      While I was on the phone with the police dispatcher, one of the fabulous ladies/men of the night we were getting into it with seriously walked up to a car and leaned in. As soon as I walked up to the car and started reading off the plate she/he walked away too - I'm glad I was able to stop or at least interrupt a business transaction.

    4. The area around Belmont and Broadway had a similar problem years ago. They started taking pictures of Johns and that cleared up the problem fast. No business forces them to relocate--hopefully far away.

    5. There's not much renters can do about people lurking in the gangways for hours when condo "owners" make comments such as "they have a right to do that". Truth.

    6. Anon - how does one go on paper when the police don't show up? The first time we called after being threatened with a knife they didn't show up and then this week when there was an assault the police did not bother to show up until we flagged one down driving by.

      And I agree, a prostitution mission is much needed. It goes with the broken windows theory - the more criminal elements, the more inviting crime is.

    7. we live at belmont and sheffield and have thought about taking our lawn chairs and cameras to the corner by einsteins and "hang out" all night....and telling everyone that can hear us that we will call the cops any time anyone acts up...just to be a thorn in their side.....all while we take pictures and videos

  5. Why was the entertainment team hiding in the station when they were told to be out on the street??

    1. I feel bad for that Sgt. He's got a few terrible officers on his team that won't do a damm thing and laugh about it. When that Sgt. Is off theses guys really scew off. They have no supervision. The commander should fix that problem and make them accountable.

  6. The nightly chaos on Clark St. was identified by the owner as one reason the iO (improve Olympics) is moving to Lincoln Park. From Sunday's Tribune:
    "This is why Charna Halpern bought the new building in 2012. It might have been time for iO ( to leave the neighborhood anyway. Stepping out on the sidewalk at 1 a.m. last month after the final show at the former digs was a jarring sensation. The unruly crowd that fills Clark Street on weekend nights — looking to keep the party going — isn't Halpern's audience.

    "I wasn't planning on leaving; I had a great location," she said. "But now I'm glad I moved because the neighborhood has changed so much in just two years. There's a very strange element walking around that wasn't there before. There was a stabbing at Irish Oak (bar).
    "And it's just really hard with the Cubs. People always think that because the Cubs are there I'm making a lot of money off the walk-by traffic, but you don't. In fact, those are not the people who are going into the theater; they're the ones who are peeing on the theater. They're not going to come in and sit down and be quiet and watch an improv show. They're screaming and getting drunk — or drunker."

    1. "There's a very strange element walking around that wasn't there before.." I love that line, I'm guessing that's her way of referring to the thugs that have infested this once nice area.

    2. "They're not going to come in and sit down and be quiet and watch an improv show. They're screaming and getting drunk — or drunker." That sounds about right. I remember going to BD's Mongolian Barbeque on Clark one night that I found out, to my horror, was after a Cubs game. The drunken stupidity was astounding. Drunken idiots coming up to the bar with a bowl full of noodles... no sauces, no veggies, no meat... just noodles. The cooks kicked their asses out. Wouldn't be surprised if dealing with this sort of crowd is one of the reasons BDs on Clark closed down.

      Wrigleyville has always been a place to party, but good god, the out-of-control drunkenness is on a scale I've never seen before...

    3. Which goes back to one of my original reasons regarding problems in the area "a) the businesses need to control their people".

  7. I saw those bathing suit bros out a few times on Sunday. Looks like they had a long, rough day.

  8. What's the story with Rebel Bar and Grill? There's always a "dust up" or some other disturbance being reported there, but I live pretty close to it and never see anything going on.

  9. @ Turbo - I really don't know what's up with Rebel. It could simply the location i.e. near a lot of bars. I will say that they are extremely generous and accommodating to our alumni club, Windy City Seminoles.

  10. The fight in front of Rebel started in front of the Tshirt shop and spilled down the street. I had the pleasure of watching it while I ate pizza across the street. Also, I wouldn't really call it a fight. Looked like a bunch of guys were about to fight but no one actually threw punches.

  11. Another magnificent performance by the Park District 'Security'.
    ....YIKES! There's a brick with some screen and Velcro on it.
    ....Haven't ever seen that before.
    ....What do you think we should we do?
    ....Call the cops!
    ....Wow, those guys actually answer their phone? What for? We don't ever do that.