Tuesday, August 12, 2014

HELMONT STRIKES AGAIN: Man Beaten And Robbed By 3 Attackers Overnight

You'd better sit down for this.

A man was robbed on the "Helmont Corridor" this morning, making him at least the 28th person to be victimized this year on the quarter-mile stretch of Belmont Avenue between Halsted and Seminary.

The Boystown resident flagged down a patrol car at 1:35AM near Seminary and Belmont after being beaten up by three men who took his wallet, $500 cash, and a black iPhone5 in a black case.

According to the victim, the three men attacked him just south of Belmont on Seminary around 1:10AM.

He describes the offenders as black men in their 20's. The primary offender being dark complected, 6'1" tall, thin, in his early 20's, with a fade haircut. That man wore jeans and a black tee shirt.

After waiting 15 minutes for a fire department ambulance, the victim told officers that he did not want medical attention and the patrolmen gave him a ride to his nearby home.

CPD case number is HX383978.

Of the estimated 93 robberies that have taken place in Wrigleyville and Boystown this year, nearly a third have taken place on "Helmont."

Burglary Report

3400 block of Racine. 2:50PM Monday. Forcible entry. CPD case HX383298. Officers responded to a burglar alarm at the residence about 90 minutes before the owner discovered the burglary. They found the front door locked and the back gate secured.

Market Dazed

A resident in the 500 block of Briar called 911 at 6:18 yesterday morning to report that an unknown man was on her front porch. He was encased in Saran Wrap.
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  1. Saran wrap? Yikes!

  2. I'd call 911 too if I saw someone in Saran Wrap on my front porch at 6 am.
    Some people go to work on Mondays. Others go to festivals, and end up covered in plastic wrap 8 hours later.

  3. Am I being naive to think that the CPD could run a sting on Belmont? Just have an undercover cop walk back and forth on the street from midnight until 4AM with backup surrounding him.

    Better yet, they should draft l'il Tommy Tunney to be the bait for this exercise....

  4. Does anyone know about the incident in Uptown last night. A woman I work with lives near there, and told me she heard it was pretty bad. A large gang of "youth" blocking Leland from Clark to Racine attacking cars, and in at least one instance tried to pull someone from their car. This whole area is going to hell


    1. I went on Uptown Update's Facebook page. Sounds like that wilding was pretty bad. What gets me is that there are reporters from the local Fox and NBC stations on that Facebook page asking witnesses to call them for a story they're doing on the incident.

      Yet the shit that goes down in Boystown and Wrigleyville on a daily basis is STILL ignored by the media. WTF???

    2. Going to hell? It's been hell since before I was born.

    3. Girlfriend has a condo in the area. Bad wildings in the area. Damage to cars, threats, and so on. Almost non-existent response from the police. Took an hour before anyone showed up. No wonder they do what they want, they know the cops don't care and when they eventually show up they won't make any arrests. A pathetic showing from the police last night, thankfully no one was hurt.

  5. We heard that a female employee of a Boystown bar was assaulted on Halsted Sunday night. After leaving the bar. Don't know much more details but I think the place has been in contact with the cops. They didn't try to rob her.

  6. Yesterday, there was a woman who had passed out in front of The Coffee and Tea Exchange around 12/12:30. Her mouth was covered in blood. Everyone was surrounding her and I waited on the other side of the street until the ambulance came. Has anyone heard anything about her? She looked like she was attacked

    1. Hi anonymous - AM or PM? Was it Tuesday? Send us the specifics and we can research. Thank you!

  7. I'm almost afraid to ask, but was the gentleman wraped in Saran Wrap wearing clothes?