Thursday, August 21, 2014

GANGED UP: Woman Reports Being Robbed By Group Of Offenders

CWB has confirmed details of a robbery that was reported early last Thursday at Belmont and Halsted.

Officers were called to Halsted and Melrose around 2 o'clock that morning to help a woman who said she had been pepper sprayed by a group of people. Other witnesses said the woman had been "beaten up and put out of a car" at the nearby CTA bus turnaround.

In the end, officers concluded, the woman was robbed by a group of five or six people—five black males and one white woman. One of the men claimed to have a handgun. He was described as wearing a red hoodie.

CPD aggravated robbery case HX386736.
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1 comment:

  1. I think I have seen this group casing the 700 block of Melrose on various Thurs-Sun nights at around 9-10pm and I always call 911 to report them, but no one ever comes. One time my friend and I followed them for a bit (from a safe distance) so we could hopefully point them out to the cops. We waited at least 10 mins for a squad car to drive by and check it out, but none came. We decided it was a lost cause, so we abandoned our watch. My safety comes first.

    I know 019 is overworked and understaffed and that slow response times are not their faults personally. We need more cops in 019, plain and simple. From the reports the past few days where officers were able to responded quickly and apprehend suspects, it's obvious that a fast response time is imperative for catching these criminals. Great work, officers. Thank you for all you do.