Sunday, August 17, 2014

GAME OF MOANS: Rough Weekend Brings Multiple Robberies, Knifing In Boystown

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Suddenly, it seems like old times around here.

This summer has been substantially different from last summer in many ways. Robberies are way down in Wrigleyville and Boystown. The overnight shift has not been running out of cops nearly as often as it did in 2013. Not this weekend, though. Nope. Not this weekend at all.

Our police district entered "Radio Assignments Pending" (RAP) status at least three times this weekend, forcing dispatchers to stack up piles of 911 calls until officers became available to respond.

Police response for a man who got beat up and robbed on Belmont this morning took almost an hour. Fortunately for the victim, our local ambulance wasn't quite so busy.

We are working to collect details on that incident as well as three other notable reports:

  • A stabbing/slashing in Boystown at Cornelia and Elaine Place early Saturday.
  • A robbery early this morning in which the female victim sought help by walking up to a 19th district patrol car that was guarding Mayor Rahm Emanuel's home. (Update: WLS now has a brief story.)
  • Another woman robbed near Newport and Racine.
Highlights (or low lights) of the weekend:


2:09AM - Officers on patrol see a guy get "sucker punched" outside Roadhouse 66, 3478 Clark. Punchee needs an ambulance but wants nothing to do with the cops.

2:11AM - Report of a white guy hitting people at random as he walks down Broadway near Wellington.

2:24AM - Woman calls 911 to report that some guy just punched her boyfriend for no reason near CVS at Clark and Barry. Offender description: Male, white, 25, 5'6" tall, 150 pounds, wearing a white baseball type shirt with blue sleeves. Last seen walking northbound from CVS.

3:33AM - Police respond to Illinois Masonic Medical Center's emergency room where a man is being treated after getting beat up near Old Crow Smokehouse, 3506 Clark. CPD case HX389547.

3:37AM - Callers report people yelling on the street in the 700 block of Cornelia, just east of Halsted.

3:44AM - Callers now say the yelling has turned into a fight.

3:55AM - Officers arrive on Cornelia and immediately order an ambulance for a victim who suffered an apparent knife wound. One arrest for aggravated battery with a knife/cutting instrument. Victim is transported to Illinois Masonic. CPD case number is HX389558.

4:46AM - District runs out of cops. Enters "Radio Assignments Pending" status. Remains in RAP until 7:21AM.

2:32PM - One arrest at Center on Halsted for criminal trespass to state-supported land. CPD case HX390081

3:20PM - District enters RAP status again. Stays there until 4:28PM


1:27AM - Unspecified incident at the address of Wrigleyville's Taco Bell. Large police response. Two arrests. At least one ambulance transports an offender to Illinois Masonic. Situation is contained five minutes later. For now, the matter is believed to be classified as criminal damage to property in case HX390767

1:36AM - One arrest for battery at Roscoe and Halsted. CPD case HX390751

1:47AM - Officers stationed outside of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's home call for a support unit after a woman walks up to report being strong arm robbed down the street at 4212 N. Hermitage. CPD case number is TBD.

1:48AM - Report of 20 teens fighting on the corner of Addison and Racine. Dispatchers are not sure if it's related to the "Taco Bell" incident.

1:59AM - Woman calls from near Newport and Racine to report being robbed. Offender description: Male, black, about 20 years old, white shirt, jeans. He drove off in a white SUV. (UPDATE AUGUST 24: Robbery confirmed. CPD case number is HX390758.)

2:32AM - Units on Halsted, be on the lookout for a black Escalade with North Carolina plates. It is driving down the sidewalk.

4:22AM - Woman arrested at Hydrate, Halsted and Cornelia, for stealing wallets.

5:19AM - District enters RAP status again. Stays there for two three hours.

5:48AM - Man was just robbed at Belmont and Kenmore. Three offenders, described only as black males, beat him up and robbed him. Ambulance transports victim, who is believed to have a head injury, to Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

6:20AM - Still looking for someone to respond to that robbery at Belmont and Kenmore.

6:22AM - Report of a person down. Never mind. That call's an hour old.

6:55AM - An officer is at Illinois Masonic taking a report for the man who got beat up and robbed at Belmont and Kenmore an hour ago. Case HX390922.

7:06AM - Dispatcher to newly-available unit: “Can you check…. I mean, this is really, really old. It’s like over an hour old. 14XX Irving Park. Auto accident with injuries."

7:08AM - Dispatcher to another newly-available unit: “Need you to travel just a little bit for this really old [burglar] 42XX on Sheridan...the alarm is going off inside the church.”

7:09AM  - Dispatcher to unit: "Need you help me out...A really old 'person down.' They're not going to be there, though. It says Halsted and Schubert....but ambulance 43 [already took the person] to Masonic."

8:17AM - Dispatcher to unit: "I got a two-hour old battery report [needed for a victim in] Weiss Hospital...Can you go see if they still need you?"
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  1. I saw cops were called to Sidetrack yesterday. What was that about? Two cruisers showed up.

    1. There were two separate battery incidents they're, a couple of hours apart.

    2. Inside the bar? What time did they happen? It seems like sidetrack has avoided trouble during this hell of the past number of years.

    3. Around 7:30PM and again around midnight.

    4. Sidetrack has 'denied' trouble during this hell the past number of years. Obviously, scooping them up and carrying them off somewhere else is no longer working.

    5. "They're not over served until they're out of money". And this is PROOF of how bad the business is out there non-holiday or festival weekend.

  2. "4:22AM - Woman arrested at Hydrate, Halsted and Cornelia, for stealing wallets."

    Why is Hydrate open at 4:22 a.m.?

    1. Because late bars are open until 5AM on Sunday mornings.

    2. Their bass booms loudly until 5 a.m. I know because I live across the street on Cornelia. And then at 5 a.m. it's a solid half-hour to full hour of honking horns, loud people in the street, etc. This business is NOT a good neighbor. But nothing will be done, because they (along with so many other "entertainment" venues in the area) allegedly pay oh-such-high taxes. I say, the heck with that. SO WHAT. There is a noise ordinance and they routinely violate it. And this summer it seems the cops (with blue flashing lights) sure are there a lot, for whatever reason. How about being a good neighbor and being accountable, Hydrate??? (Also, called Tunney's office about the noise from this club, twice in June and twice in July. Still waiting on a response!!!)

    3. You moved in across the street from a bar and expect quiet? That is like people moving in next to the airport and expecting quiet. If noise bothers you, move to a quiet street...there are plenty of them.

    4. No, it is not. I'm not OP, but Hydrate redid their entire facade last winter and now have open windows all night blasting music. It's not what I signed up for.

    5. I think you have a legitimate complaint.

  3. You know, Garry's right. It's outlets like CWB and a couple of others that's responsible for stoking the perception of crime in our 'hood.
    If crime wasn't reported, then no one would know about local crimes, the 27% reduction of district police, and 33 RAP status's in 019 this year.
    Because we never hear about Tom Tunney or Michelle Smith talking about local crime levels.

  4. I called Tunney's office this morning about the beating and robbery on my street corner (Belmont Kenmore). It was the first their PR person heard of it. They didn't have any information for me, but are looking into it and said they will call me back. I let them know that I needed to know exactly what they are doing about the delayed response. It's been a while, haven't heard back yet. I'll keep you posted.

    1. Please do. We look forward to hearing more.

    2. I live right on that corner as well. I'm sick of feeling insecure about my safety in my own neighborhood. Thank you for taking action. I'm going to give the office a call in the morning as well.

    3. LOL @ "they are looking into it." Tunney's office is excellent at "looking into things." And by extension, at CAPS meetings he is good at "looking into outer space." Follow up, call them again and again and again. Post the question on his tired, lame Facebook page. Hound them relentlessly. Demand accountability. You still probably won't get a response, but at least you tried. Document your efforts. Keep this data handy when public debate and question-answer time comes prior to next year's election. HOLD. THESE. FOOLS. ACCOUNTABLE.

    4. They just called me back and told me that their report says that it took the officer 20min before he got to the victim to take a report and that this wasn't a RAP issue. Someone is lying and I would like to get to the bottom of it. Is there anyway I can please have a conversation with the CIBT writers?

    5. We emailed them. It took 20 minutes for an officer to get to the hospital after he was assigned the call. That's because he was just coming on duty and hadn't even loaded into his car yet. The call all around, unassigned and without a police response for 40 minutes before that. We don't do phone interviews, but you are welcome to email us.

    6. Tom Tunney’s office just tried to manipulate me in a way that I despise the most; they told me the truth, but not the whole truth.

      I just called them back with this information and I could tell they are in “PR mode”. They are "reaching out to the captain for more information (again) and will be listening to the police scan from that morning". I could tell there was no accountability but I’m reasonable; I don’t expect them to take ownership of something they don’t know anything about. However:

      1. How can you possible not know about a beating and robbery just two blocks away from your office? I expect the Alderman’s office to be in the know regarding all of the crime in the area.

      2. I felt that from the beginning, I was being treated like I don’t understand how the police force functions, the process in which they take calls… and ultimately I feel like I’m treated as if I’m incredibly misinformed about this recent RAP issue.

      3. So far the answers have been scripted rebuttals.

      It feels like each time they reach out to the police, it’s so they can learn how they can explain the situation to me, and make it sound like its business as usual. It’s not addressing the issue, or even admitting there is an issue.

      I will follow-up with you regarding any further conversations that I have with Tunney's office (and I will) regarding this beating and robbery.

    7. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  5. is this ever going to stop???????

    1. No. Not until you knock the PC junk and stand your ground. I have a little story to tell about my first MONTH in Lakeview East but it' won't pass the censors here. Needless to say I moved.