Friday, August 29, 2014

FIRST CLASS TRAMP: Lincoln Park Restaurant Robbed In Broad Daylight

Taj Mahal restaurant (Google)
Two men, including one decked out in a U.S. Postal Service jacket, robbed a Lincoln Park restaurant Thursday afternoon, pressing an object believed to be a gun into an employee’s back, and making off with money and the worker's iPhone.

After robbing the sleepy Taj Mahal restaurant near Halsted and Fullerton around 4:20PM, both offenders fled eastbound through a gangway and disappeared.

Cell phone tracking indicates that the victim’s phone soon found its way to Adams and Wabash, then quickly proceeded south of 35th Street. Neither the offenders nor the stolen goods have been found.

Offender descriptions:
1) Male, black, 25, 5’3” tall, 150 pounds, wearing a blue Postal Service jacket
2) Male, black, 35, 6’ tall, 160 pounds, wearing a brown jacket and yellow t-shirt.
The restaurant hold-up was the second apparent armed robbery reported in that immediate area on Thursday. Earlier, a British tourist flagged down an officer to report that he had been robbed at gunpoint as he walked near Fullerton and Clark.

Following two armed robberies on a single day this summer,  Lincoln Park Alderman Michele Smith held a police “roll call” on a quiet side street to “send a message” to criminals that armed robberies will not be tolerated on her turf. The criminals did not attend.
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  1. Good one. Smith should be asking for more police to send a message.

  2. the role call makes me laugh every time it's mentioned. it's so ludicrous.

  3. As I have been fully been expecting for the last 2 years, middle of the nigh problems in Boystown have spread to both daytime and Lincoln Park.

    This tourist has basically Red Lined the entire area from any longer visiting.

  4. where would the extra police come from

    1. Extra? We don't want extra police. We want the 24% of our cops who were sneakily taken away from us over the past 2.5 years. Extra sounds greedy. We'd just like to have what was taken away.

  5. And Michele Smith keeps towing the company line (the Rahmster) that we don't need to hire any more police because crime is down. What a crock. We need to get rid of both of them in the next election.