Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DOUBLE PLAY: Hours After Using GPS To Catch Boystown Robber, Cops Do It Again

Image: Make Me Bark on Fiverr
CWB has confirmed that mere hours after 19th district officers used a cell phone tracking app to hunt down a Boystown robbery suspect last Tuesday evening, they gave an encore performance—using GPS to track down suspects in another neighborhood robbery the same night.

When officers met with the second victim at shortly after midnight last Wednesday, the victim said he shad been robbed at gunpoint near Surf and Broadway, losing $300 cash, a Macbook, and an iPhone5.

Then she showed them the one Apple product remaining: an iPad that showed her stolen property pinging near Irving Park Road and Western Avenue.

A “flash” message describing the offenders was broadcast: Two black males under the age of 20, one wearing a red t-shirt and a red bandana, the other wearing a white t-shirt and carrying a backpack.

While colleagues raced to the area of the GPS signal, officers withheld victim relayed movements.

At 12:27AM, cops spotted two people matching the offenders’ descriptions at Lawrence and California in the far northwest corner of the district. They stopped the men and all of the victim’s property was recovered. At least one of the two men was taken into custody.

Recorded as an armed robbery with handgun in CPD case HX394694.