Monday, August 18, 2014

BUSTED: Lake View Bank Robber Arrested Within Minutes

A quick, forceful response by 19th district officers foiled a Lake View bank robber's getaway plan this morning.

Police responded to a silent alarm at North Community Bank, 742 W. Diversey near Halsted, at 11:13AM. They were on scene within two minutes and almost immediately released a suspect description: Male, black, 6-feet tall, thin, dark complected, wearing a gray felt hat, navy blue suit, white dress shirt, and black shoes.

He was spotted within minutes and taken into custody about two blocks south of the bank in the 2600 block of Burling. Arresting officers said that they recovered a knife from the suspect, but the weapon was reportedly not displayed during the robbery.

CPD case HX392345.
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  1. Awesome job, CPD!

  2. Yay! Good job, CPD .. thank you!

  3. Your fast Crime in Wrig/Boys!

  4. If only we could get all the thugs to commit their crimes during the day when we have enough cops, we'd really tackle the problem. Our cops are great, when there are enough of them and when they're not having To deal with the typical weekend and evening idiocy that goes on in our 'hood.

    1. You think there are enough cops during the day??? Oh how shocked you would be to find out most days there are like 18 officers TOPS working the entire district....

  5. That twice in a week or so in the same block, the last being Fifth Third Bank.

  6. These are federal crimes, which Rahm cannot sweep under the rug, nor claim RAP status, being in broad daylight. He must be very pissed off.

  7. Excellent work, law enforcement officers! And how brazen of that thug to rob a bank in daytime in a busy area. Nail his ass to the cross!!

  8. Good job you guys. Days gets all the bank robberies.
    Nice arrest

  9. Indeed. Well done, guys.