Thursday, August 14, 2014

BLOTTER: Woman Whacked on Clark; Zagat Zaps Alderman's Sticky Buns

Sure looks good to us.
A woman got punched by a complete stranger as she pushed a stroller with two small children along Clark Street Wednesday morning. 19th district officers successfully tracked the offender down and made an arrest.

Police met the victim at Clark and Surf around 11AM and immediately began searching Diversey between Clark and Sheridan for the alleged attacker—described as male, black, bald, 5’10” tall, wearing a gray shirt and khaki shorts.

Within minutes, they found their man outside a service agency in the 2700 block of Lakeview Avenue. He was positively identified and arrested for battery. CPD case HX385663.

Wild One At Belmont L

Details are slim following an aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon outside of the Belmont L station early Wednesday morning.

19th district officers on patrol happened upon the battery as it unfolded at 1:40AM and soon asked for an ambulance to treat the victim.

The highly uncooperative offender was on the cusp of being zapped, saved only by the fact that none of the officers on-scene had a Taser. Police said that the “possible female” attacker remained highly combative and “beat up the [paddy] wagon” despite being leg shackled.

CPD case number HX385313.

Lighter Side

Thursday, 12:12AM
A traffic officer responds to a report of a bicyclist being struck and injured by a taxi at Clark and Wellington. Moments later, the officer reports that, despite being hit, the victim, “took off and gave me the finger.”

Sticky Situation

Local Internet comment writers love to deride 44th ward alderman and Ann Sather restaurant owner Tom Tunney’s trademark “sticky buns." As it turns out, they may have been on to something.

Zagat this week named Sather’s “gooey cinnamon rolls” the 4th most overrated food in Chicago.
Aside from this high-calorie indulgence, the restaurant serves bland takes on eggs Benedict, biscuits 'n' gravy, pancakes and waffles. Last year, one of the four locations shut down, suggesting that it does take more than sugar and cinnamon to survive.
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  1. Boycott Ann Sathers...tell your friends.

    1. I went once before I lived in this neighborhood and before I knew who it's owned by. I have not and never will visit again now that I know what I know.

  2. Punched a woman with kids????
    Where do we live now?? I hope this garbage animal got punched resisting

    1. Incident in the far southern end of the 44th ward and suspect found in the north end of the increasingly crime ridden 43rd ward...and no email from Michele Smith. Is she planning a roll call at Thresholds next week?

      Does anyone know who, if anyone, may be opposing this enormously disappointing alderman?

  3. Travel Advisor also has some scathing reviews of Ann Sather's --- touching on the terribly bland food, yes, but mostly having such a worthless owner/aldermonkey overseeing a horribly crime-ridden neighborhood.

  4. Who cares how his restuarant is rated? Im concerned about crimes in the area not how his sticky buns are

  5. Oops...That's TripAdvisor...

  6. Tunney probably didn't pay his bill to Zagat. Years ago the salesman was hyping that the navigation system in the car listed Zagat ratings. Oh boy! I won't mention the manufacturer. Anyway, I was parked at the lakefront and was playing around with that system to familiarize myself with it. You wouldn't believe the stuff that is "Zagat rated" in nearby Uptown. I really had to chuckle. You can actually organize a list in there based on distance (to avoid).