Monday, August 25, 2014

BLOTTER: Weekend Wrap-Up

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It was a very busy, hot weekend for our short-handed police officers. The district ran out of cops for at least two extended periods. Top stories:

  • Shots rang out in an Uptown park Saturday night. Then, mayhem on the streets.
  • Last night, a man was shot outside of the same park.
  • Man shot in the face while driving south on LSD near Fullerton Saturday morning.
The weekend ticker: 


1:22AM - Police are called to The Crib youth shelter inside Lakeview Lutheran Church, 835 W Addison, to handled "a female…possibly intoxicated, causing a problem."

2:31AM - Officers are called to Illinois Masonic Medical Center to take a report for a guy who claims he was beaten up at Sluggers, a Wrigleyville bar.

2:34AM - Man calls 911 to report seeing two guys trying to steal a car in the 900 block of Fletcher. He gives detailed descriptions of both men and says they threatened to shoot him when he intervened. Men are last seen running north on Sheffield. One of the "entertainment detail" units responds and closes the call out as "perpetrator gone on arrival." No report taken.

1:57PM - District manpower sapped, "Radio Assignments Pending" (RAP) status is reached. Calls for service stack up until officers become available to respond. The backlog is cleared at 4:08PM.

10:05PM - Shots are fired in an Uptown park and general mayhem ensues. Calls for help accumulate for several hours, but RAP status is not officially declared until 2:24AM. The official RAP will last approximately 5 hours and 38 minutes.


1:36AM - At Kenmore and Irving Park, two acquaintances enter a man's apartment, retrieve a knife from his kitchen, stabbed him in the back, take $90, and flee. Victim treated at Illinois Masonic Medical Center for a "2-inch gash on his back." Recorded as an armed robbery in case HX400082.

1:41AM - At Seminary and Diversey, a woman says an Asian man ran up behind her, "put his privates on her," and fled.

3:02AM - Three callers report several men beating up one guy at Sheffield and Wellington. Officers say the offenders "grabbed the victim and put him in a car." They cannot be found.  No victim means no report can be filed.

3:19AM - Two white guys fist fighting and choking each other in the street at Broadway and Grace.

3:24AM - Ambulance going to help a man who has been "knocked out" in the 3400 block of Clark.

4:01AM - Multiple calls of as many as five men beating up a victim at Addison and Lake Shore Drive.  Offender descriptions vary. Three men are seen fleeing southbound on foot.  Victim, who is seriously injured in the beating, is transported to Illinois Masonic Medical Center. Recorded as an aggravated battery in CPD case HX400191. Motive unknown at this time.

4:20AM - Group fighting behind the 3800 block of Clark. Officers "restore the peace."

5:02AM - Group fighting behind the same location on Clark. This time, one of the guys is naked. Officers "restore the peace."

Burglary Beat

• 600 block of Cornelia. Unlawful entry. Reported Friday at 5:10AM.  Case HX397522.
• 600 block of Cornelia. Forcible entry. Reported Sunday at 11:06PM. Case HX401211
• 3400 block of Seminary. Reported Sunday morning at 3:37AM.
• 600 block of Barry. Unlawful entry. Reported Friday at 6:30AM, but he "had been waiting since yesterday." Dispatch confirms he did call on Thursday. Case HX397583.
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  1. Well done entertainment detail, another report not filed. At this rate, I can see a promotion in someone's future. Although to be fair, car theft on a side street should be for a beat cop if we were staffed appropriately.

  2. 2+ hours of RAP on a Saturday afternoon? Disgraceful.

  3. There are dozens of people being shot every weekend and poor Rahm was preaching again this morning that the media needs to get the message out how crime is only a perception problem in Chicago. What a moron that continues to put his own political image in front of the out of control crime.

    1. Calling Rahmy a moron is way too kind!

  4. Just a visitor. boystown is my second home. Area needs more cops. Chicago needs more good cops. You have all of these unemployed and underemployed good people.

    Start hiring. Tax me more. This is out of control now. We do not need more traffic tickets. we need professionals capable of responding to serious, violent crime.

    ... just a thought.

    1. Um... More cops = more traffic tickets... Just saying... And I don't need to be taxed anymore, stop putting in bike lanes, planters, building parks where there are already parks, funding "violence interrupters", etc

    2. Yes hire more cops and no don't tax me more. Stop spending money on Maggie Daley Park and DePaul Stadium etc. Start being smart with the money they already collect. Chicago has the money for more cops Rahm just doesn't want to hire more cops.

    3. ^^ Well said. Don't tax me more, our property and sales taxes are out of control as is, but please hire more police and slow down the beautification projects for a few years. No one will want to visit this city after seeing the stories on the National news anyway unless Rahm gets a grip on crime (or with some luck maybe his replacement will do the job).