Thursday, August 07, 2014

ASSAIL OF THE CENTURY: Man Beaten And Robbed Near Clark/DIversey; Another Belmont Robbery Reported

Image: Punch Pow
Two early morning robberies lead our Thursday update:

• An officer on patrol was flagged down by a bloody robbery victim at Clark and Surf around 3:15 this morning. According to the victim and two witnesses, the man was beaten up and robbed of his wallet by two offenders in the 2800 block of Orchard, directly behind the Century Shopping Centre.

The attackers are described as two young black men. One wore a black shirt, blue jeans, and had his hair pulled back. No further description is available on the second man. They were last seen running westbound on Diversey.

Recorded as a strong arm robbery in CPD case HX377296

• Meanwhile, officers who were sitting in the 900 block of Belmont after responding to a prostitution call were approached by yet another robbery victim at 4:25AM. The cops completed a report, but no further details are immediately available.

• Other Thursday morning notes: Burglary confirmed in the 800 block of Cornelia (case HX377243); and a fight involving 10 to 12 individuals at Clark and Belmont around 1:30AM. The participants scattered when police arrived.

Unlucky Neighbors

Image: Pays Big
The poor citizens who live in the 3000 block of Clifton have had a rough week.

A resident there called police at 3:10AM Wednesday to report that he was robbed at gunpoint near Southport and Wrightwood. The victim says two offenders—one heavy-set Hispanic man with a shaved head and one Hispanic man wearing a red hat—took his wallet, $80 cash, debit card, house keys, and iPhone 5S in the stick-up. Case HX375318

Earlier this week, another man was robbed as he walked to visit a friend who lives directly across the street from Wednesday's victim.
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  1. Ahhh, I see the neighborhood is getting back to normal.

  2. Just wait for this weekend -- Market Days is sure to bring more nonsense.

  3. I'll credit Steamworks for at least acknowledging the serious problems by placing a security guard at their entrance on the sidewalk. Not my kinda place but I might just show my support to them. All the others that think this might deter business are dead wrong. I'm sure this is a high revenue weekend for them. Wonder what the tourists will have to say when they get back home.

    1. Since much of their customers leave post 10pm, they are located at Ground Zero of Halsted's troubles, their business must be hurting, and they should be concerned.

      I did post comments about the dangers of the area in about Steamworks. The Locals were up in arms that I posted it, said the area was very safe, and accused me of being an agent for competitor Man's Country in A-Ville. OTOH, the visiting tourists were glad of my warnings. The only way out after 1am is the Red Line. The Brown Line, #8 and #36 bus stop running.

      So again, it is the stupid Locals who are in denial, or think not being in the deadly areas of the South and West side make it safe.