Saturday, July 19, 2014

TOASTED: Two Arrested After Robbery Near Addison L; Helmont Claims More Victims

951 W. Addison as seen on Google Street View
Two people are in custody after a victim was robbed at knifepoint early this morning at 951 W. Addison, across from the Addison Red Line station.

Officers in the area were waved down around 2:30AM and quickly transmitted a description of the offender. Other officers immediately saw a man matching that description walking past the 19th district police station at 850 W. Addison.

The man was stopped, identified, and arrested at Addison and Halsted. A co-offender was taken in, too. Recorded as an armed robbery with a knife/cutting instrument in CPD case HX351108

Many of the recent robberies along Boystown's
"Helmont" Avenue are seen in this screenshot from
the City of Chicago's Data Portal.

Helmont Claims Two More

Newly-released data from the city shows that two more people were robbed last weekend along Belmont Avenue. One victim was robbed on the corner of Belmont and Clark at 1:30AM last Saturday. The other was robbed at Belmont and Halsted around 5:55 the same morning. CPD cases HX342374 and HX341773.

The Halsted/Belmont incident is the spot where this cab driver picked up the fare who later robbed him.

Robbed By The 1%

A Lexus-driving gunman robbed two people at Broadway and Clarendon early Thursday morning, near the Lake View Pantry. Police met the victims around 4:15AM and learned that four offenders—including one heavyset Asian guy with a handgun—robbed them of their phones, then jumped into a black Lexus and sped eastbound on Sheridan Road. Recorded as an armed robbery with a handgun in CPD case HX348345.
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  1. I've had enough. We need a large group to organize and stand on these street corners, particularly Sheffield/Belmont on some weekends between 1-4 am and show that we are not dealing with this shit anymore. We should then migrate to other problem corners. I'm sick and tired of people complaining and doing nothing about it. The police can only do so much. We need to band together and solidify that we will not be driven out of our own neighborhood that we have worked so hard to live in. We can't continue to run scared. My blood boils when I walk by that corner on weekends.

    The corner was occupied all night and the Subway next to Big City Tap had to be closed after being taken over by thugs around 3 am. It was a complete and utter shit show. I'm sick if it. These businesses won't call the police out of fear of retaliation and it's concerning.

    1. Maybe the mayoral aide who lives near that intersection can get his boss to join you. Yes, Tiny Dancer's top aide lives there. Big help that is.

    2. These businesses are contributors to the vile that sits there! I have first hand experience of it! Do not make excuses for businesses being PC and afraid of stepping on toes. This is the society people have cried, pissed and moaned to create, now deal with it. Everyone now has the right and freedom to do just about anything, and when law enforcement becomes involved, both sides turn and wait for them to be the offenders! You don't like it, start making changes.

  2. I'm with you....I'm 65 but still can kick some ass if needed.....especially these shit heads coming in our neighborhood.

  3. all police have to do after any incident if the person flees is drive to the center on halsted! have you seen the trash that hangs out in front of there! GET RID OF THE CENTER!

  4. This all could have been nipped in the bud three years ago before Boystown became completely overrun with the "visitors". Their apologists and other PC people stepped in and would attack those who wanted to tell the truth about what was going on.

    Now look at the mess.

  5. No you must be all wrong---crime is down---Rahm's mantra has already begun with the media like JAy Levine, Fran Spielman, Art Golab, etc starting the line that all is right in Chicago with Rahm. So I guess all these robberies are in your minds.