Sunday, July 13, 2014

SUNDAY, CREEPY SUNDAY: Child Luring Report At Belmont CTA; Jogger Reports Stabbing In Ravenswood

Or not.
Moments after a "suspicious man" was released from a street stop by a proactive 19th district officer, a 13-year-old boy reported that the guy tried to lure him onto a train at the Belmont CTA station Sunday morning.

The officer was still conducting a routine patrol of the train station when the boy approached him to report the incident around 9:15AM. The offender could not be located in the station after the incident and is believed to have boarded a train.

According to the officer, the man is black, in his late 30's, clean-shaven and bald. He was wearing a gray tank top, black shorts, "obvious" black and gold ankle socks, and gym shoes. During the earlier street stop, he asked the officer for directions to North Avenue, so officers in the neighboring 18th district were notified of the suspect's potential travel plans.

Police took the boy to the 19th district station and released him to his parents shortly after 10 o'clock.

Ravenswood: Jogger Stabbed During Morning Run

A jogger reported being stabbed three times in the leg by a would-be robber in the Ravenswood neighborhood this morning. Police went to the man's home near the Montrose Brown Line station shortly before 7 o'clock and accompanied him to Swedish Hospital for treatment.

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