Monday, July 07, 2014

STAR-SPANGLED 'BANGERS: Another Gang Shooting Leads The Weekend Wrap-Up

Police work the scene of a double-shooting behind the tennis courts
near Addison and Lake Shore Drive early Sunday morning.
One thing's for sure, our neighborhood's rampant street crime did not take a holiday this weekend.

• Two men were shot in a parking lot north of Belmont Harbor early Sunday morning, the second shooting here in a week and the fourth known gang-related shooting incident here since May 11. Another man was stabbed outside of Wrigley Field early Sunday.

• At least 6 people were beaten and robbed in Wrigleyville and Boystown this weekend, most recently at 4:30 Monday morning near Halsted and Addison. Three of the victims were attacked early yesterday morning, one in Boystown, one in Wrigleyville, and one on Addison slightly west of Wrigleyville. Two more were victimized Friday evening and early Saturday.

Also notable is an increase in bonafide calls of gang activity along Belmont Avenue between Halsted and Sheffield.
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