Sunday, July 13, 2014

ROBBERS DELIGHT: At Least 3 Robbed Overnight; Another Taxi Stolen By Cross-Dresser

Those heavy downpours did not keep our neighborhood's street criminals at bay.

In addition to a man who was robbed near the Sheridan Red Line station, only to encounter his attackers again at the Addison Red Line station after filing a police report, at least two other people were robbed in Wrigleyville and Boystown overnight:

Robbery At Gunpoint

The intersection of Clark and Fletcher.
A man reported being robbed at gunpoint in the 900 block of Fletcher overnight. The victim told officers that he was strolling along around 2:15 this morning when a lone robber approached, poked a semi-automatic handgun into his face, and demanded "everything."

The offender is described as male, black, 5'11" tall, very thin, curly hair, wearing jeans and running shoes. CPD case number is HX342975.

Dust-Up On Clark

Officers were flagged down at Clark and Cornelia in Wrigleyville around 2:45 this morning after a man reportedly beat a woman inside a car and took her phone. The offender—described as male, black, wearing a white t-shirt and Adidas pants, about 5' tall and carrying a "huge black backpack"—was last seen running westbound on Cornelia. His name may be Darnell.

A Checkered Past? Cross-Dresser Steals Another Taxi

For the second time in less than 24 hours, a cab driver reported having his taxi stolen by a cross-dresser in the 19th district this morning.

The driver called 911 at 4AM to report that a man dressed as a woman had just stolen his Flash Cab near Addison and Ashland in Lake View. Officers found the taxi about two blocks away, abandoned at Waveland and Paulina.

The offender is described as a dark-complected Hispanic or black man dressed as a woman. CPD case number is TBD.

As we reported yesterday, a Yellow Cab driver told police that he was beaten up, robbed, and relieved of his taxi near Wellington and Seminary around 6AM on Saturday.

Other Notes
Friday, 2:25AM - A police tactical team on routine patrol catches a car burglar in action behind the 700 block of Aldine. One arrest.

Friday, 8:22PM - Multiple callers report a large fight involving up to 30 people outside of The Crib youth shelter, 841 W. Addison. Officers break it up. No report.

Wednesday, 9:23AM - An 80-year-old woman made the mistake of leaving her black Cricket cell phone on a laundromat washing machine in the 3400 block of Broadway. Her phone was last seen running southbound on Broadway in the grips of a 30-something Hispanic man with curly or wavy hair, 5'11" tall, 170 pounds, wearing a beige shirt and black pants.  Theft case HX337575.

Weekend Burglary Round-Up
Friday, 9:48AM - Unlawful entry, Broadway United Methodist Church, 3338 N Broadway
Friday, 2:20PM - Unlawful entry, residence, 3600 block of Wilton.
Saturday, 6:36AM - Forcible entry, residence, 700 block of Barry.
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  1. A giant fight outside The Crib........AND across from the police station.
    There are so many things wrong with this picture.

    1. There are so many things wrong with the Crib! They have refused in the past to co-operate with the police commander. Their Christian charity seems to have little to spare with the neighborhood--but then where do the people that manage it live?

    2. Let me remind everyone once again of those immortal words: "We don't discipline them because they don't respond well to rules."

  2. So, that's two incidents involving a gun, at opposite ends of my street, in the last few weeks. Delightful.

  3. ...and Rogers Park and Lincoln Park are beefing up police presence because of incidents with guns.....and Boystown and Wrigglyville????......

    1. What's your definition of "beefing up?" We had more recognized vacancies this month than those districts combined. They can't magically have more officers appear. There is a bidding process per our contract.

    2. This could be the reason:

  4. yes, why do Rogers Park and Lincoln Park get the extra police and tv and print news media coverage and not us?

  5. This is getting out of hand. My wife and I just moved from Wrigleyville (Cornelia & Halsted) last month because the area was getting so much more violent. The last straw was the sexual assault that occurred in the alley a block from our house. We've lived here for the past 7 years and have noticed a clear uptick in the robberies and violence of the area. As much as I absolutely loved living there, not worrying about being robbed when I take my dog for a walk at nice is priceless.