Thursday, July 24, 2014

READLING LIST: A Couple Of Recommendations

Two Three good ways to spend a commute:

• The Tribune's Rex W. Huppke's write up on "turning points" would be a wise investment of three minutes.

• Former cop Bob Zuley continues his outstanding coverage of Jacob Klepacz's death with reports on last week's arrest in the case. Zuley's crime reporting for the Inside group of community papers went to a new level with his work on Jacob's story. Paper copies are in area stores and online subscriptions are $10 per year.

• How often do we hear someone—usually an alderman—dismiss violent crime as "gang related," as if that should somehow ease minds? Or "the offenders weren't from this neighborhood" as if that should, too. Bill Savage's column about dismissing crime in one's neighborhood as being some other neighborhood's problem should be required reading.  He's over at Crain's Chicago Business.
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