Wednesday, July 16, 2014

MARKS & RECREATION: Gangs Tag Seawall At Rec Drive

Pitchforks and crowns. Hard to know which side is "up."
When two men were critically wounded in a gang-related shooting by the tennis courts at Addison and Lake Shore Drive last week, many people were surprised. Gang shootings?

Less than a week before that, another man was shot in a gang incident at Belmont and Sheffield. 

A van full of Latin Kings was shot at by rival gang members across from Wrigley Field in late May.

Inverted and "broken" 5-point crown with rival six-point star.
CWB has frequently mentioned that the area east of Lake Shore Drive at Addison (Recreation Drive) is a popular hangout for gang members. Acting on a tip from a reader this week, we learned just how popular it is.

Shown here are some of the gang markings that we found today. The symbols represent a handful of different gangs—and they are not all friends.

UPDATED: Since some readers seem to believe the six-pointed star is exclusively a symbol of Judaism, we offer a video primer.

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