Wednesday, July 02, 2014

HALSTED, WE HAVE A PROBLEM: But The Parade Ain't (Necessarily) One

The traditional Wrigleyville/Boystown approach to
problem resolution: 
What should we do about this? Uh, so...are you 
guys cool with Pequods? I mean, I don't like 
peppers that much, but maybe... Hey, Chuckie, you
like Pequods? Oh, yeah, forgot about that. They
probably have something gluten-free, like a salad or
something. I mean, we're all going to order, right?
I should've eaten breakfast, LOL. Like, what are
you thinking? Two large pizzas? There's eleven
of us, so two...Oh back there? No, he always brings
his own lunch. His wife is like "whapshhhh!" Whipped
man, seriously "whapshhhh" whipped! Anywho.
Huh? Oh,  I dunno. I think Jeremy is allergic to basil. 
Hey, Jeremy!? We're getting Pequods.
You're allergic to basil, right? Oregano. Right. That's
right, oregano. No, it's..he's, he's really allergic
to it. Like, if he smells it, he has to like get an
injection and shit. But, well, I think they have
pastas, too. Elise, pull up Pequods' menu
and see if they have pastas. Pequods. P-E-
oh, my god, can you belie-P-E-Q-U-O-D-S.
I dunno, it's like on Armitage or something.
Yeah, just ask if they have pastas without
oregano because Jeremy is super allergic and
if he eats any, we'll need to jab him with, like,
an EpiPen or whatever that's called. Well,
because it would kill hi...yeah I'm OK with
pineapple I guess. You all like pineapple,
right? JESUS! Elise...I am SO f-ing hungry
right now...Elise, call Pequods and ask if they
grill their pineapple first. Thanks. Ahh at
any rate. So are you dropping some pounds?
You...No? Well, I mean, you're looking
good. No, really, I wish I looked half as
good as...Armitage. It's a street, Elise. Swear
to God. You got a smoke? I know, I know,
I mean, I haven't had one in almost a week
because whapshhhh! No. No onions. At least not for me. 
Ask Pablo. If Pablo likes onions that's fine, I'll
have some onions. Pablo. HEY! Pablo! You
like onions?
Almost exactly one year ago, DNAInfo reported this:
A neighbor who said the Pride Parade should be kicked out of Lakeview due to crime was applauded at this month's CAPS meeting, but Ald. Tom Tunney [...] said those demanding its end are in the "very minor, minor minority." 
Tunney's office received about 40 complaint calls in the first three days after the parade, he said, and most of them were about traffic — not crime.
"People know that this is a busy, dynamic neighborhood," Tunney said. "What you're saying right now — you're one person with an ax to grind."
Just one person. Looks like that may now be two people: that stupid idiot from last year and some guy named Tom Tunney.  Here's what the alderman said about the Pride Parade aftermath this year:
[…} The problems that came with the post-parade late-night crowd will be addressed as we continue to examine the parade route and evaluate all options for next year.
The parade has crowding issues. Belmont is the problem. Both can be fixed.
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  1. An ax to grind? What a condescending, dismissive way to refer to the concerns of a constituent.
    Do we know of any petitions being circulated about moving the parade? Maybe something on (or the like) would be useful to throw in Tunney's face.

    1. There is a petition circulation to keep the parade where it is (it's been framed as an issue of, you guessed it: "phobics" and "isms."

    2. Well - if Tunney is for moving the parade-- then push him into it tonight. JUST DO IT. No petitions, no 10,000 signatures needed...just do it! Think of it as a social experiment. Oh and maybe some of those companies then would spend some more $$ on their sad-looking floats ;)

    3. Even if there was a petition with 100,000 signatures....I doubt it would do any good. Seems our politicians do not serve their constituents, but rather their big-money donors. The common man no longer has representation in our country. : (

    4. You nailed it. Thar comment was dead-on.

  2. People on EB are reporting gunshots near the Vic again last night (around 10:30pm). Any word on that? Or, was it fireworks?

    1. There were two calls - one of a single gunshot, the other of fireworks, a pretty common scenario. No sign of a gunshot was found.

  3. Watching the video of people dancing on a police vehicle with a smashed window makes the case that this is not acceptable behavior. Many of us who worked for and contributed financially to civil rights movements (blacks, women, old people & GBLT) since the 1960s want to say.....with civil rights come civil responsibilities. Dancing on a police car is simply not civil responsibility won through civil rights—it is downright unacceptable. Move the parade downtown, Mayor Emanuel and Alderman Tunney, unless you to believe that destruction of public property (i.e., tax payer police vehicles) are okay.

  4. The parade will be moved. Count on it.

  5. According to Brenden Chrisman, general manager of Roscoe’s Tavern, once again it can all be blamed on the understaffed Chicago Police Department. How easy and convenient. I believe Mr. Chrisman likes to speak out of both sides of his mouth. If you flood the area with Police who keep a lid on the situation, then he feels like he's living in a Police state and his patrons are being harassed. This is the Department you wanted Mr. Chrisman...enjoy.

    1. That's a pathetic excuse for a bar. And that place sure does appear (not in a good way) in these forums all too often, along with such places along Clark as John Barleycorn, etc. In most (if not all) other major American cities, that much negative attention would be enough to pull a liquor license and close a bar. There are a few others along Halsted that'd I'd like to see close. Oh well, hope springs eternal, I guess.