Saturday, July 19, 2014

DISSED: Robbers Ignore Alderman's Shrieks of Outrage

Following two armed robberies in her Lincoln Park ward last week, Alderman Michele Smith hosted a ridiculous "police roll call" near Mildred and Wrightwood Wednesday night to "send a message" to robbery offenders.

Of course, there were no robbery offenders present, so let's stamp that message "return to sender."

One more thing about Wednesday before you go, Michele...

Less than two hours before your dog and pony "roll call," 18th district police responded to the Lincoln Park T-Mobile store at North Avenue and Clybourn, which had just been robbed of $1,300 by two offenders who fled in a blue Sebring.

Someone needs to tell those guys that Ms. Smith "will not tolerate these outrageous crimes."
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