Monday, July 21, 2014

BEAT DOWN: Daylight Battery Victim Seeks Help In COH

A 20-year-old man who was jumped and beaten on Halsted Street at 9:30 this morning made his way into the Center on Halsted and collapsed onto a bathroom floor, according to a witness and Chicago Police. People in the Center dialed 911.

The victim, who was taken by ambulance to Illinois Masonic Medical Center, reported that several people in their teens and early 20's were involved in the attack that is believed to have left the man with a broken jaw.

Chicago Police say the beating took place in broad daylight directly in front of the Whole Foods at 3640 N. Halsted.

A description of the main offender was given as male, black, in his 20's, with short hair, wearing glasses, no shirt, and red pants.

CPD battery case HX353895.

EDIT July 21 5:22PM - Corrected address of occurrence.
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