Thursday, June 05, 2014

WHO'S A GOOD BOY?: Senior Attacked, Witness & Dogs Prevent Offender's Escape

Coyne Clients
It's great to see more people getting involved when they see trouble in our neighborhood.

A senior citizen was attacked last night around 10:15PM in the 600 block of Sheridan Road.

According to a witness' email to CWB, the victim and his dogs had returned to their building after an evening walk when a man jumped him from behind and knocked him to the ground. There was no robbery attempt.

The offender was then refused admission to a nearby CTA bus, so he moved on and successfully boarded a 151 Sheridan bus instead.

But a witness and his two dogs weren't having it. They stood in front of the 151 so it could not leave, causing the CTA driver to grow irate. Aww, poor bus driver.

Officers arrived and took the attacker into custody for battery. CPD case HX290358.

Nice job, neighbors--and dogs.

Attempted Stabbing on Belmont

Officers were flagged down in the seasonally-interesting 900 block of Belmont overnight after a man tried to stab someone on the sidewalk. The officers were able to apprehend the alleged offender and take him into custody around 3 o'clock today. Recorded as an aggravated assault with a knife in CPD case HX290478.
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  1. To the witness with the two dogs my thanks for the performance of your civic duty. To the bus driver one raised middle finger.

  2. surprised to hear about a surly CTA driver....................

    Is there a rule that one must be a total grumpypants in order to drive a CTA bus?

    1. It was probably one of the bus drivers that let the thugs ride for free.
      I have personally seen it happen more than a couple of times. They pretend to pay and wait to see if the bus driver gives the nod to keep going. Between the bus drivers and Center on Halsted giving free bus and train rides for free we don't stand a chance.