Sunday, June 08, 2014

VULTURES: Man Down, Group Goes Through His Pockets

Several callers this morning reported seeing offenders going through the wallet and pockets of a man who was on the ground at Belmont and Sheffield, apparently after being beaten up. The victim was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center around 5:20AM.  Case number is TBD. This is hardly the first time something like this has been reported in that area.

Crime: Continuing To Go Down (One Way Or Another)

Police were flagged down by a man who said he had been robbed near Clark and Cornelia around 2 o'clock Saturday morning. The victim said that the offender took $120 cash. A beat car was asked to meet the man to take a report, but that car got sidetracked when an off-duty officer sent a message asking for assistance on Halsted Street. While that call wound up being "nothing," the alleged robbery victim's report was never taken.

Burglary Beat

A forcible entry burglary was discovered in the 800 block of Buckingham around 12:15 Sunday morning, about 4 doors down from the scene of a May 26 break-in. CPD case HX294515
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