Saturday, June 28, 2014

THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE OF PHONES: Belmont/Sheffield Claims Another One

A CWB reader today passed along a first-hand account of an overnight incident that has played out hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times in recent years: A man had his phone swiped right of his hands by two offenders as he walked down—wait for it—Sheffield just north of Belmont.

At 2 o'clock this morning, a caller reported the incident to police and described one of the offenders as male, black, wearing an orange shirt and sporting dreadlocks.
My faith in this neighborhood came to an all time low last night…I heard the aftermath of a robbery directly in front of my apartment with the victim standing on my porch. I had him pleading with these thugs to give him his phone back. Damn right, I called 911 after identifying the fools outside through my window. I went outside and talked to the poor kid. A group snatched his phone right out of his hands.
Whilst waiting for police several groups of shady looking thugs were slowly roaming up and down Sheffield between School and Belmont... They walked in and out of people's fences and as I was waiting for police to come with the victim, one of said guys walked up and tried selling us an iPhone that he had obviously just lifted. That particular iPhone was not the victim's. Unfortunately that guy was long gone by the time the police came.
They didn't even run - they were strolling down the street. The police made a pretty quick response and stopped the [suspect] but it appears he ditched the phone or handed off. It appeared that there was a ring of thieves (possibly working together and exchanging stolen property to quickly jump on the red line home).
I've called the police several times now on people I witnessed commit a crime in the last two months. I've seen the cops cuff them, search them and have to let them go because they've ditched what the stolen. It's infuriating and frustrating seeing this. I've been referring to myself as a the neighborhood watch lately because I'm sick of my neighborhood being taken over by thugs. I will continue to call police when I see this type of stuff.
Good—and thank you. Others should do the same.

A walk through the area of Halsted/Clark/Belmont/Sheffield during nighttime hours lays it all out there. We don't recommend this, BTW, so we'll paint the picture for you: Large groups camping out, bottlenecking sidewalks for hours—outside of the Hollywood Mirror is a favorite place for this street party/fight club to form.

Last night, one group even brought lawn chairs to camp out.

Every hundred yards or so, there will be a parked car—empty except for one person sitting low in the back seat keeping an eye on things. The normal stuff. I mean, really, who doesn't drive miles from home to plop lawn chairs on the sidewalk or sit alone in the back seat of a car at 2AM? It's one of America's favorite pastimes.
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