Sunday, June 29, 2014

THE BELMONT TAKES: Two Robbed Along Belmont Overnight, One Within Yards Of CPD Transit Cops; Third Victim Robbed At Addison Station

The locations of 10 known robberies that have been reported along
Belmont Avenue since June 8th.
Two more men were beaten and robbed along Belmont Avenue overnight. In a sign of just how brazen and out of control the area has become, one victim was attacked under the Red Line tracks as two CTA police units sat less than 50 yards away.

A third person was robbed at the Addison Red Line station this morning. That offender is in custody.

In the first incident, a Lake View man was beaten and robbed of his wallet on the north side of Belmont along the L tracks around 2:15AM while two marked Chicago Police Department Transit Detail units sat nearby. The victim walked up to one of the conveniently-located and ineffectual units to report the attack.

A police flash described the offender as male, black, in his early 20's, 5'7" tall, and 150 pounds. 19th district officers gave the man a ride to his nearby home.  Recorded as a strong arm robbery in CPD case HX323323.

Then, at 4:45AM, officers were called to the Dunkin' Donuts at Belmont and Clark to meet a victim who had been beaten and robbed outside of Big & Little's restaurant at 1034 W. Belmont. Few additional details are available at this early hour.

In the Addison Red Line station robbery, a 19th district CAPS officer saw strong arm attack in progress at 5:27AM and took the offender into custody. The matter is recorded in CPD case HX323440.

Since June 8th, at least ten robberies have been reported along Belmont between Halsted and Seminary:

  1. Egor's Dungeon  robbed at gunpoint, 3:45PM June 8th.
  2. Man is strong arm robbed at Subway restaurant, 3:48AM June 14
  3. Victim strong arm robbed with a "dangerous weapon" on the sidewalk outside of Chicago Apartment Finders, 11PM June 15
  4. Man chased down, beaten, and robbed in the street by three offenders under the Belmont L tracks, 4:20AM June 17th.
  5. Victim robbed at gunpoint on the street near 3144 N. Sheffield, 2AM on June 21.
  6. Attempted robbery at knifepoint fails on the sidewalk at 3AM on June 21.
  7. Man knocked unconscious and robbed in front of multiple witnesses, 12:45AM June 22.
  8. A man is strong arm robbed at Belmont and Halsted, 1:20AM June 22.
  9. Man is beaten and robbed along the L tracks, 2AM June 29.
  10. Man beaten and robbed outside of Big & Littles, 1034 Belmont, 4:45AM June 29.

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  1. Nice to see all the cops continuing to enjoy themselves by sitting at the little park across from Tavern on Rush each night while our neighborhood has been taken over by the thugs.

    And sadly Rahm and Tunney will be cheered in the parade today.

  2. Please know I'm booing them from the safety of my apartment. I don't have the patience or the courage to go out and deal with the drunken shitshow of 20something asshats and the opportunistic thugs looking to beat, rob, and steal. The sirens started at 8.30am today (up and down Clark/Halsted near Masonic)) and haven't let up yet. Every few minutes there's more, and it's only 11.20am. I'm not looking forward to seeing the list of 911 calls from today and early tomorrow. Good luck out there, my friends, and please stay safe.

  3. From the Trib:

    2:37 p.m. CDT, June 29, 2014

    Red and Brown Line trains are bypassing the Belmont station because of police activity near the Pride Parade in the Lake View neighborhood, the transit agency said.

    CTA spokesman Steve Mayberry said police asked them to have trains skip the station, 945 W. Belmont Ave., and as of 1:40 pm., that decision is still in effect.

    A Tweet from the transit agency said it was done "for safety reasons due to police activity."

    Police had no information about it.

  4. Trains were instructed to bypass the Belmont stop as of 1:40p this afternoon because of 'police activity,' according to the Tribune. Gee, that didn't take long. If I remember correctly, they bypassed Belmont last year, too.

  5. Just came across this:

  6. This kind of shit is only going to get worse and worse. The racoon wont hire more cops, and the thugs become bolder all the time. It is your right to protect yourself. Get a concealed carry license, and training, and remember, "when seconds count, the police are just minutes away".Also, the ass-hole demorats would like to make it as difficult as possible for honest people to protect themselves with the same deadly force that criminals use against us. Criminals don't obey gun laws. Thats because they are criminals. Get it?

  7. I wouldn't be jumping the gun – no pun unintended – by haranguing those CPD officers from something possibly in the corner of their eye. When I work neighbourhood watch in Brisbane we used to stake out on the top of the self storage facility with binoculars. Turns out even when you're looking at something directly it can be hard to tell what exactly is happening once the lights are out.