Wednesday, June 18, 2014

STILL NOT COOLIO: Another Woman Robbed At Gunpoint

Exactly one week after a woman reported being robbed at gunpoint by two men—one of whom looked like Coolio—another woman was robbed this morning by two men with similar descriptions and a similar get-away vehicle.

Police met this morning's victim at 1:30AM near the Home Depot on Halsted Street in nearby Lincoln Park.

The woman and a male companion reported that two black men in black hoodies, one of whom was armed with a handgun, approached them and took the woman's purse. The offenders then fled eastbound on Diversey in a newer-model white SUV, possibly a Lincoln Navigator. It is not known if additional offenders were in the SUV.

Last Wednesday at 1:30AM, a woman was robbed at gunpoint of her purse while walking home from a 7-Eleven store near Belmont and Racine. Minutes later, offenders in a newer model white SUV tried to use her debit card at a Lincoln Park gas station.

This morning's case number is HX308265.

Burglary Beat

• 700 block of Belmont. Forcible entry. Reported Tuesday at 2:54PM.
• 3700 block of Wilton. Forcible entry. Reported Tuesday at 8:37PM.
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  1. and im sure mr tom tunney would say these are isolated incidences and that there is nothing wrong with our neighborhood.

    1. Kinda makes you hope that Tunney or any of the other liars that claim crime is down have a first-hand opportunity to become a crime victim. Maybe if they are robbed and beaten, have their car windows smashed in, get stabbed, etc...maybe they would change their tune.

  2. Tunney was the victim of an armed robbery a few years ago. He called 911, toured the area in a squad, he identified the suspects and went to court. Convicted and sentenced.

    1. He is lucky it happened before the new 19th....otherwise he would have been waiting a while for an available squad.

  3. And it would be FANTASTIC if he actually supported his constituents the same way. Rather, all he does is say is he's "working closely with" whichever org folks are calling for. Worthless man. I keep hoping someone will step up to run against him.