Saturday, June 28, 2014

SPITBALLING: How HUGE Will Parade Organizers Say This Year's Crowd Was?

online poll by Opinion Stage

Here's your chance to put your psychic powers to the test.

After Sunday's parade concludes, how many people will organizers of the Chicago Pride Parade say attended?

Here are a few infobits to help you.
  • Last year, organizers claimed that one million people attended the parade.
  • It is physically impossible for one million people to fit onto the parade route. (See the math.)
  • Organizers this year began claiming that the parade route is 4 miles long. It's not. It is actually 2.7 miles
  • There may be periods of rain tomorrow.
  • Recent claims of year-over-year crowd growth: 2011 up 77%; 2012 up 13%; 2013 up 18%
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