Tuesday, June 03, 2014

SMASHING BUMPKIN: "Grunge Rocker" Throws Coffee On Walgreens Guard

Remember our tidbit yesterday about a white guy with tattoos and dreadlocks who was said to be stealing tip jars near Clark and Diversey? It appears that he—or someone who looks very much like him—is an early riser.

Police were called to the new Walgreens at Clark and Diversey around 6:30 this morning after an irate customer threw an orange at the wall and hot coffee on a security guard.

The offender description? Male, white, dreadlocks, wearing a white t-shirt and jeans with red underwear sticking out. Another witness describes the man as a "grunge rocker" who sometimes carries a guitar.

The Walgreens incident is recorded as a battery in case HX287613.
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  1. I see this guy walking down Clark almost every day. He's associated with the group of really suspicious homeless guys that hang out on Drummond in between Clark & Lehmann Court. Just another recent summer immigrant serving his community!

  2. Sounds like one of those leftover NATO protestor pukes...

  3. Yup, the guy can be seen almost daily in the area walking around that area. Not sure if he's mentally ill or what but he really shouldn't be hard to find. Hopefully someone points him out to a cop next time he's in the area causing trouble.

    1. The cops might get sued for violating someone's "rights" and you know damn well there will be at least 3 hippies without pony tails there to video tape his arrest and post it on youtube.

    2. video him being placed under arrest. take back your neighborhood.

  4. The "hippies" or anyone else can kiss my ass if they have a problem with me videotaping such shenanigans.