Monday, June 30, 2014

PRIDE 2014 DATA: List Of Request For EMS

Following are requests for emergency medical services in which police assistance was requested or police officers initiated the request. Requests that received EMS service without police involvement are not accounted for here.

10:47AM - Woman fell and hit head, bleeding, temporarily unconscious, 3201 Halsted

10:55AM - 50-something man with chest pains, Montrose and Broadway

11:40AM - Woman passed out inside Mount Carmel church, Belmont and Orchard

12:46PM - Woman with "communication difficulties," Belmont and Clark

12:56PM - 70-year-old fainted and fell, Montrose and Broadway

1:07PM - Woman unconscious on Belmont Red Line platform

1:14PM - Woman passed out, Pine Grove and Diversey

1:15PM - Man passed out, Clark and Diversey

1:15PM - Man passed out, Halsted and Aldine

1:17PM - Woman "in and out of consciousness", 3228 Halsted

1:26PM - Woman out cold inside Forever Yogurt, Halsted and Cornelia

1:31PM - Man passed out, 811 Aldine

1:31PM - Elderly man passed out, Broadway and Oakdale

1:32PM - Woman "feels like passing out" at 2817 Broadway

1:36PM - Male, 70's, passed out by Sherwin Williams, Halsted and Aldine.

1:45PM - Still waiting for EMS at 811 Aldine. Another "downer" at Halsted and Melrose.

1:47PM - Six people are down on Halsted between Aldine and Buckingham.

1:50PM - Woman "passing out and throwing up", 3710 Halsted

1:52PM - 16-year-old girl having trouble breathing, 836 Aldine.

1:57PM - Woman having seizure, 4007 Broadway.

1:58PM - Woman passed out inside the Halsted Smoke Shop.

1:58PM - Man passed out near World Gym, Montrose and Sheridan

2:00PM - That 16-year-old girl is still waiting for an ambulance at 836 Aldine. She's joined by a man with a deep cut on his hand.

2:03PM - Elderly woman passed out behind the damaged police car, Buckingham and Aldine.

2:05PM - 19-year-old woman passed out, 3512 Halsted.

2:09PM - Ambulance needed outside of Bobtail ice cream shop.

2:15PM - Guy throwing up, passing out, 3214 Broadway

2:17PM - Two blocks away, another multi-tasker: man throwing up, passing out, and bleeding from the nose, 3016 Broadway

2:18PM - Woman passed out. Halsted and Roscoe.

2:20PM - Girl out. 4400 Broadway.

2:23PM - Man fell over a barricade, 4267 Broadway.

2:28PM - Woman passed out by Walgreens, Broadway and Diversey

2:31PM - 24-year-old woman "feels hot" and wants the fire department. Sheridan/Broadway.

2:32PM - Woman having seizure by the Goethe statue at Diversey and Commonwealth

2:37PM - Still no ambulance for the girl having trouble breathing at 836 Aldine since 1:52PM. Dispatchers say they will ask again.

2:39PM - What's the ETA on an ambulance for the woman having seizures by the Goethe statue? "Medic 2 is on the way."

2:40PM - Woman passed out, 3448 Halsted

2:42PM - Young girl is unresponsive and throwing up in the alley, 606 Diversey

2:46PM - They'll always have this memory: Two women and one man vomiting at 3351 Broadway.

2:49PM - Man down, 843 Irving Park Road

2:53PM - Person down and out at a Jimmy Johns

2:53PM - Female out, 721 Buckingham

2:53PM - Female out, Broadway and Wellington

3:00PM - EMS needed for an officer overcome by heat, Halsted and Buckingham

3:00PM - "Old gentleman" is down, Broadway and Sheridan

3:01PM - Mixin' it up: Female bleeding from the eye at a sushi restaurant on Halsted.

3:02PM - Girl passed out, 613 Briar

3:04PM - More than 30 minutes after his first request, an officer is still waiting for someone to help a woman who has now suffered multiple seizures at the Goethe statue near Diversey and Commonwealth.

3:05PM - Fire department finally made it to 836 Aldine where the girl had trouble breathing and a man had a nasty cut on his hand. Paramedics now need the police because someone was not pleased with their performance.

3:07PM - Female out. 3246 Halsted

3:07PM - Man out. 822 Belmont

3:08PM - Woman fell and cracked her head open in the bank parking lot, Halsted and Addison

3:08PM - No longer willing to wait for medics, officers drive their overcome colleague to the hospital in a squad car.

3:12PM - Man down at the gas station, Sheridan and Broadway

3:13PM - Girl "passed out and throwing up all over herself" at Halsted and Cornelia

3:14PM - 26-year-old woman with heat stroke, 3246 Halsted

3:15PM - Person down, Halsted and Clark

3:19PM - What's the ETA for the girl down at 613 Briar? "No ETA. They were requested."

3:21PM - "Female in distress" and vomiting, 621 Belmont

3:27PM - ETA for the girl who's "passed out and throwing up all over herself?" Dunno. But it's on EMS' to-do list.

3:29PM - Multiple females engaged in various combinations of passing out, vomiting, and bleeding, 3228 Clark

3:31PM - Man with a gash in his head. Broadway at Dakin

3:41PM - Checking again on the status for the passed out/throwing up on herself girl's ambulance. No status. Dispatchers will make another request.

3:41PM - Checking status of EMS at 621 Belmont. It's on the list. Dispatcher: "We're trying."

3:44PM - Ambo needed for intoxicated human at Halsted and Newport.

3:49PM - 36 minutes after police call for an ambulance to treat a girl who's passed out and vomiting on herself, waiting officers report that the girl's lips are turning blue.

3:50PM - OK. Does anyone on the route see a paramedic? "I see one, but he's stuck in the crowd."

3:51PM - Man out, Halsted and Newport.

4:08PM - Man passed out, Waveland and Fremont.

4:29PM - Woman, early 20's, unconscious and bleeding in the doorway to Whole Foods

4:30PM - Woman with gash on her leg, Diversey and Pine Grove

4:32PM - CTA Control reports woman passed out on Addison platform

4:33PM - Woman with heat stroke, 3531 Broadway

5:07PM - A woman is passed out in the cooling bus at Belmont and Broadway.
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  1. makes me wanna vomit...

  2. Unbelievable! I hope the girl who's lips turned blue is OK. That didn't sound too good.

    And what are these people drinking (or ingesting) to be barfing so much? YUCK! Glad I got home before the barf-o-rama began.

    1. Amateur drinkers like carbonated sweet alcoholic a rum and coke...which they are too ignorant to know will make them vomit when combined with summer heat.

  3. Holy Mother of God. Rahm? Tunney? Bueller? Anyone ... anyone?

  4. I read today on CBS that the manager of Roscoe's said police acted more like crossing guards than doing their duty of stopping mayhem. This is an every day occurrence on the north side so why is he surprised they are acting like this now? Sweet god, just move the parade to down town and seriously get Tunney and Rahm out of office.

  5. Saw the man fall over the barricade (2:23 PM) and it was bad. He was clearly very inebriated with some combo of drugs and alcohol. He reached over to hug his friend in the parade and fell flat on his face onto the pavement, but his ankle was caught in the fence. He had blood pouring down his face and cracked his glasses but was too fucking wasted to even know something was wrong. It was awful.

  6. Do we have any idea how many of those $1,000 tickets cops wrote for drinking in public? Sounds like we could have generated enough money in ticket revenue to pay for another few police officers in the district!

    1. It's on our list of things to have FOIA'ed.

    2. Thanks, CWB! Also, can we know the exact number of arrests that took place that day as I am disgusted by the CPD flat out lying to the media, nevermind US...WE THE PEOPLE, that there were only eight. That is what people go away with and take as gospel.

      I am sick to death of being lied to by people we pay to protect us!!!! They need to be held accountable and outed. Wouldn't we think the media would mad as well? But, no, they go along their merry way seeing, hearing, learning and informing about nothing!

  7. I was standing near the Goethe statue when the person had the seizure. Two ambulances went south on Sheridan Road at Diversey with sirens blaring right after this happened. The female police officer and a Blue Cross/Blue Shield volunteer waved their arms frantically at both ambulances. The drivers looked at them and kept going south and did not respond. The officer continued talking into her radio over the next twenty minutes asking for an ambulance. I was outside for maybe a half an hour while this incident was going on and no ambulance responded during that entire time.